Aug 1

MAC Made My Day

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Upon awakening yesterday, I decided that I was going to get all dolled up and head out into the world. There was a snazzy casual outfit that formed and my face was done to perfection. Some of my make up had finally been replenished at the MAC counter, and the […]

Jul 22

The Smokey Eye

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The Smokey Eye look became a reality for me last December; however, it wasn’t something that I felt comfortable recreating by myself. The video tutorial that I watched did not offer much comfort. My enthusiastic mother contacted the MAC counter to find out if they could do a quick lesson, […]

May 20

Monday: My Day

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Monday is the day when my roads are normally opened. They may be blocked, winding, or even messy but they are opened for me to make choices. After a rather pleasant weekend, my workday began with the new process of creating my face. It did not take as long as […]