Oct 8

Health is not a joke

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For the last two weeks, I have been struggling.  I have not felt like myself.  A trip to urgent care revealed a small bout with pneumonia.  I do not have the virus but the mighty p word was not something that I ever thought would be in the same sentence [...]

May 22


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Being an adult is a lot of work.  There are so many things that always require your attention:  mental health, physical fitness, dental, vision, diet, digestion, podiatry, massage, gyn issues.....it is a full time job.  This is one of the major reasons why I do not want to have kids.  [...]

Feb 28

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There I was struggling all by my lonesome.  The food consumption was completely out of control complete with sugar on the hour.  Hunger would arise mid meal, and McDonalds was on speed dial.  My stomach felt like a balloon.  The doctor did not see anything in my labs to indicate [...]

Jan 14


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At some point, you have to sit down with yourself and admit a few things. There are departments in my life that exist out of fear. My positive outlook is often dismantled by anxiety. I am afraid to walk away from the 9-5 for fear that I will end up [...]

Oct 4


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If I ever have the opportunity to speak to young women, I would emphasize the importance of their self development. Save the love and relationships for a later time. Spend your youth developing yourself as a person. Travel the world. Try new food. Speak a foreign language. Explore a new [...]

Sep 22

Torment (6/2/2020)

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We are halfway through the chaos that is called 2020. No one seems to remember placing any of these atrocities on their vision board. We are wearing masks and appearing disheveled in zoom meetings. Appointments are required everywhere and long lines of people gather in front of shopping stores. Free [...]

Sep 22

Dalia (8/10/2020)

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Delia knew that she would have to get a divorce. Her husband was obviously cheating on her, and she could not just stand by in complete oblivion. Her job was another issue. She was unhappy working from 9-5 for someone else without any hopes of making her own dreams come [...]