Feb 18

Tribe: The Disconnect

2024-02-18T03:30:19+00:00February 18th, 2024|Uncategorized|0 Comments

During the last year, I have discovered that I can't keep up with everyone in my friend circle.  It is difficult to deal with my own life and continue to interact with others on a high level.  I have often found myself absorbed with my own problems or preparing for [...]

Nov 14

I Do Not Fit

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There were cars everywhere.  I had to find parking on the other side of the park and walk across to the annual gathering of bikers.  The large trees were lovely as they provided gentle shade in the park.  Once I found my friend, we began to stroll around as she [...]

Jul 24

Medium Moment

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I was driving south on the I-95 to a performance.  It became apparent that a funeral procession was next to me on my left side.  As I approached the hearse, I bowed my head and crossed my arms out of respect.  This isn't something that I have done before.  The [...]

May 4

Sunday Blues

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I had a job yesterday.  It was a beautiful couple.  After I returned home, I unloaded and ran to Publix.  In an effort to save money, I cooked my dinner.  Sleep found me soon.  Little Birdie did not get his night time towel.  My morning began at the beach and [...]

Jul 31

United Tribe

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The nurse tended to me with such attention and care.  She paused when she sensed my nervousness and waited for the uncomfortable moment to pass.  The amount of questions that I had to answer was unreal.  All of the people in the hospital began milling around at 5:30am.  Security guards, [...]

Jan 31

The Revival

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It was a Thursday night.  The lounge singer was performing in Overtown.  It was my chance to get out for a while and breathe.  I invited a colleague to meet me there.  It was outside behind the restaurant.  The boom of a band embraced my ears as I approached the [...]