The Smokey Eye look became a reality for me last December; however, it wasn’t something that I felt comfortable recreating by myself. The video tutorial that I watched did not offer much comfort. My enthusiastic mother contacted the MAC counter to find out if they could do a quick lesson, and they consented free of charge; I just never made it there. As of today, things have changed.
My next angelic appearance, in costume, happens this coming Saturday. I wanted to combine the smokey eye with gold accents to carry the celestial realm to my facial expression. When a friend invited my to hang out today, it occurred to me that it was time to try it for myself. After all I did view a new video on youtube yesterday. Why not give it a test run?
From the moment that I finished, my eyes were never distracted from staring at myself. The colors were simply amazing. The look was completed with a nude lip which made for a nice subtle contrast. The idea of being seen in public was exhilarating. Why I even initiated a business interaction which went quite well. I am convinced that it was the make up. Saturday can not arrive fast enough for me. The anticipation of the pictures is more than I can take….