This Summer season has been a rather involved. My father made his transition in June, and my life changed over night. Between spending more time with my mother and performances, the normal flow changed course. I do not rise prior to noon and nights are spend watching television or in the company of friends. Meditation was a distant thought but not one that was forgotten. Yesterday felt like the perfect time for me to return to a realm of comfort.
It was last year when I discovered that I had to change my meditation practice every couple of months in order for it to be successful. Normally, I would just change the music. Last night brought Youtube to my attention on my television! After scrolling through the meditation clips, there was one that featured beautiful pictures with three hours worth of music. My fingers pressed play, and the room was put together for a relaxing time.
As my eyes closed, beautiful pictures of exotic lands appeared. Large mountains and misty waterfalls made themselves known. There was even an image of me looking down at myself dressed in green standing on a marvelous black carpet awaiting something amazing. The session brought me such joy that a text was immediately sent to a dear friend; now she wants to try meditation to Youtube!
There are no plans in my agenda for this evening. A book will most likely befriend me while I lounge on my favorite piece of furniture; the bed. It would not surprise me if I decide to revisit the lovely lands that embraced me not so long ago. What shall I see next:)