You have to have your own bag of tricks from which you create your own thing. The world is filled with people that are content to sit on their asses and do absolutely nothing while others yet compete for the spot of best imitator in life.
With the uncertainty that life throws at you, being prepared with your own talents is important. Do not wait for people to notice you or provide you with open doors. In many instances, you will be the sole cheerleader for yourself; informing people about what you do, providing your own key.
Ask yourself, what do you have that you can use to meet that small niche that people need to have filled. How are you going to take a tried and true industry and revolutionize it with your own twist? What makes you different from every other brand under the sun doing the same thing? Well, for one there isn’t anyone else on the planet with your specific formula. God put you on this earth to do something. How are you going to shake the earth?
By the same token, you may have so many talents that it is hard to figure out which one you should be doing. What would you do for free? What makes you happy? What has captured your attention time and time again? You may need to offer blended services. Why? You can give people a more complete brand while fulfilling different aspects of yourself at the same time.
Be an open book. Embrace change and facilitate collaborations with others. Share your vision with willing ears and uplift each other. Why? At the end of the day, the hustle should not happen all of the time. You still need to have human connections away from social media and business meetings. When was the last time you had a meal that wasn’t attached to anything other than pure fun? Relax yourself. Often. Recharging is good for the soul and refreshes your work.