There was a strange sound coming from my tire as I drove home from class last night. I prayed to Archangel Michael to let me get home because I did not want to be stranded at night trying to reach AAA. When I reached home, I looked at the tire. There was nothing strange. I dismissed it as the road structure being off.

When I awoke to run an errand, in a nice casual outfit that fits my form properly(thanks Jophiel), the sound came again. While talking to my mother, I decided to swing by a tire shop just to be safe. My presence is required in Jupiter today for a wedding performance. Upon inspection by the tire man, the large nail appeared a big as the sun. The tire had to be replaced. He said that he could do it in an hour which meant that I could easily perform at my wedding.

As I walked down the street, tears came to my eyes. How was I going to cover this sudden bill? The mortgage, car note, and other car repairs had already put my back against the wall. All I could do was wonder how this situation was going to be solved. I began to feel sorry for myself. Again. I decided to cross the street and get a Chai Tea Latte from Dunkin Donuts. Before I walked in, I dried my tears with my scarf. I was going to have to believe that the universe was going to take care of me and allow my troubles to be given to a higher power.

Upon entering, a beautiful island woman asked me what I wanted to drink so that she could prepare it for me. She was happy and pleasant and promptly gave me my tea. As I sat down to enjoy it, my mind started wondering. I know people that ride the public bus because they can not afford to own a car. I have a car that has a tire that needs to be replaced. I can pay for the new cost but maybe I can not go out for the next two weeks…maybe, my friends have to come over to visit me. That nice woman that is working at Dunkin Donuts makes less money than me. She is happily serving people without any visibility of problems that may be affecting her life.

I took my cell phone and started posting in my fb group for this blog. The warmth of providing other women with inspiration lifted my spirits, and I began to feel better. Someone else in that very group may be dealing with something much greater than my little tire. A kind word may be much more necessary for her than it is for me. After all, I did have that kind lady at the counter serve me my Chai Tea Latte which I was able to purchase….

As these thoughts continued to wander through my mind, I overheard a woman complaining on the phone to a family member about the treatment of a doctor towards her elderly father. It was so unprofessional and cold that she began using obscene language to describe the horrible experience. Am I really sitting here in a nice outfit crying over a stupid tire? My neighbor suddenly appeared and gave me information that I was unable to get a few weeks ago. He also reminded me to attend the meetings regarding the place where I live so that I can be kept in the loop about issues and information that I would not normally be inclined to acquire. I was able to have all of these experiences because I was sitting in the middle of a Dunkin Donuts awaiting my tire.

As I drove home in the car with the fixed tire, my friend called to check on me. I have higher powers that help me and earth angels that check on me as well. I could be lucky, but I would prefer to think that I am blessed to be in a position to understand that the power of positive thinking even in the worst of situations can truly assist you. I wonder what else today will have in store for me. As a child of the universe, I am open to the lessons and the blessings that are being sent to me.

We are too quick to dismiss little feelings as our imagination. Fleeting thoughts become drowned in a harried routine schedule. We are in such a rush to enjoy our iphones and Facebook, that we forget that people can meet us for tea instead of via text. I urge you to walk around in nature so that you can hear your own voice. It purifies you and refreshes that spirit that is talking to you. If you are quiet, you can hear it and allow the information to benefit you. I had a nagging feeling about that tire and ignored it. At least I prayed for a safe journey home, and it was granted to me. However, I was not as quick to observe it this morning, and my mother was prompted to encourage me to go to the tire shop. She was no doubt acting out of concern for me and speaking for Archangel Michael. I shall call upon him again to grant me safe traveling mercies as I drive to Jupiter. Please keep me and yourselves in prayer.