The dream guides and goal setting for 2020 may be awash in the wake of an uncertain reality. My own personal dreams and desires have certainly been resent for another draft. The world has changed over night which affects all of us on a large level as well as a smaller level. What a time in which we exist.
This is a time that is very much like the winter. Animals hibernate. We take on an extra layer of warmth to protect ourselves from the cold. Warm liquids are consumed. The world slows down ever so slightly and we spend time reflecting upon ourselves and those around us. The word retrospection becomes popular.
While that is unknown is a definite threat, the infinite amount of blessings that we are receiving are beautiful. Families are spending more time together. Couples that are used to a frenzied lifestyle are together at a comfortable pace. Communities are coming together to take care of all of its members. More phone calls are taking place without interruptions.
For the first time in a very long time, the human need for a true connection is being fulfilled in the most meaningful of ways. Isolation may be the word of the day; however, unity is the final destination. Old friends are reconnection and enemies are laying down their weapons if only for a time.