If I could eliminate the purchasing of gasoline from my life, it would be off the do list immediately. The Shell by my home shut down which has made it very difficult to fill my tank. When it was open, I was approached for money & given unsolicited religious material. Perhaps I look rich and forsaken. Let us also remember that it was this same gas station that charged me twice for one purchase and because it was at the pump, the manager said, “…there isn’t anything that I can do about that.” The mobil a few miles down on University never sees me because I have yet to go there within the past five years without someone asking me to fill their tank or to lend them cash.

Hess is down the street but it requires an illegal u-turn. You can only use cards at the pump. I went there this evening and someone was going through the garbage. This spooked me and so I went to a Mobil about ten minutes away. The system was down and the pump was unable to accept cards. I went inside to pay cash only to find out that the Miramar City Fire Rescue was sucking the station dry.

Two weeks ago, I attempted to purchase gas on the way to Oakland Park when the cashier informed me that her station was out of gas. Another time, I was passing through a remote Broward city when some dry looking lank of a man thought it necessary to ask me for a ride to purchase a comb for his children. When I had a boyfriend, a drugg eyed Coolio looking alien asked him for something obscure…yes, I screamed. Purchase gas down south you say? The last time that I did that, I ended up in a station filled with pudgy construction workers that were covered in dirt and smelled like elephants. I am a girly girl. This was uncomfortable.

This is why I wait until the last second to get gas. I will ride the tank until the light is saying my name. I absolutely hate it. I think that having a root canal with a pap smear would be much easier.