As two pillows were placed on the bathroom floor, I was thankful that at least I would not be cold while laying next to the toilet. The extreme nausea made laying in bed pointless. It was a sleepless night followed by a day without food. Not even a drop of water. Tea seemed too distant for me to grasp. There was no way that my body could accept it. After two angst ridden days, my body began to move the toxic energy that had consumed the lower chakras. There were emotional outbursts. My beloved friend received frantic text messages every hour in the hopes that she could relay my final moments to my family. There was crying. Random thoughts were at an all time high. My life had been interrupted with pain that I would not wish on my worst enemy. The dreams were at night and during the day. I felt like an oracle that had been left in the dark world. It was the worst menstrual cycle of my entire life.

Now that I am coming out of my bout of terror, there are some things that I am able to see very clearly. All I could do throughout this time was pray to Archangel Raphael to consume me in his healing green light. It was not a time of bonding or warmth. Darkness and cold settled into ever constant thoughts of losing my stomach into a dark abyss. All I had was faith that my bathroom would not be my final resting place. It was not. It is unclear what transpired to this very day.

Early 2013