Wednesday Wipeout

There is no glory in being busy 24/7. It isn’t healthy and the financial gains normally aren’t as beneficial as people would have you believe. You require adequate down time. The dog misses you. User Eats blocked you, and the neighbor claims that you no longer live in your home. Do not blame the retrograde. It’s just you.
Remember when you were a kid? You went to the movies on the weekend. Afterwards, you came home and baked chocolate chip cookies. Sunday dinner would include laughter and home cooked food. You should take those precious times and recreate them in your current life as a mad busy adult. What are you missing?
When was the last time that you went on a date? Do you still own a bikini? What happened to the book club that you were going to start? You are a self driven overachieving individual that has already accomplished so much and you are just getting started. You owe it to yourself to balance the scales and relax. Schedule some down time. Skip town. Go home and stare at the ceiling. Slow down and breathe.