You don’t have to be a traditional bride that adheres to the norms of society. You can be the colorful, offbeat, individual that allows her free spirit to run wild even on her wedding day. This tip is really for me as I fall in love with weddings again…why? I’m envisioning it for myself.

How to Incorporate Yourself….

1.) Not a church woman? Welcome to the club.
-get married in the forest surrounded by fairies
-do you have a dear friend that is a public speaker and a notary? There is your officiant.
-your dress doesn’t have to be white. It can be another color or white with accents that are your favorite color.

2.) Music
-Does Classical music put you to sleep? Ask your string quartet to skip Bach and go straight to John Legend.
-Solo violin is all the rage with the flashing lights and strolling.
-Hired a harpist? EXCELLENT CHOICE! Ask her to play love songs instead of Greensleeves.
-Your DJ can arrive dressed in costume…

3.) Location
-Hate the banquet halls? Ask your planner to transform your home.
-Local bar/pub can do the trick. Talk to the owner…
-Womens’ Clubs make for wonderful wedding locations.
-The beach under the full moon is not a common affair…