It was a Friday evening when I went into an art gallery to attend an event. There were live bodies of art sitting in front of their lives depicted in albums. A sheet of questions lay next to each one beckoning visitors to interact with them. There was an empty seat next to a table with questions. As my eyes surveyed the interrogation, one question took hold of my person. If you were to forget everything from the last decade of your life, what memory would you miss? One name presented itself as my mind was instantly transported back in time to the three days of Tantra that rocked this lifetime. The friendly face of the MC brought me back to my current reality. She asked if I would mind sharing this answer on stage in front of everyone. It was a mere second before she led me to that delicious space where magic happens: the spotlight.
Crystal Chanel, The Mistress of Ceremonies gave me quite an introduction. There in the middle of the gallery, my words expressed the earth shattering experience that gripped me to this very moment. There were not a lot of words, but there was an emphasis on feeling. It changed my life for the better. I knew that it was a one time occurrence that most people would never know but that I was now blessed to call my own. Crystal Chanel inquired if I was indeed the earth that was shattered because while I am melanin, my face had turned a lovely shade of pink. Oh how the banter of girl talk and its effect on a room. Everyone was suddenly sharing it what was a very private moment in my life. A moment that I was all too happy to share with a receptive crowd.
In retrospect, it is a wonder that I was selected for this particular honor. How did I stand out from everyone else? Was the memory felt from a far? As simple as you take it, there are many aspects of my life that I would miss immensely. However, the one that immediately surfaced was amorous. Perhaps such a connection with another human being is extremely profound in a day where a text is more acceptable than a phone call. Why even the notion that Crystal Channel would select me for such a creative spot speaks to the need for people to express their innermost thoughts. While they are secretive, are there not lessons and joys to be shared? I took a picture with her to remember the moment that I went from the shy introvert to the blushing tree with a flower garland on her head. It was comfortable and bold all at once. I await the moment that my spirit dares to return to that place once again. Maybe the Mistress of Ceremonies will introduce me…..