The naps became more random and much longer.  They should not be called naps but slumber sessions.  I would awake hours later famished to heaven.  Two meals for lunch and two meals for dinner.  I had to venture back to the farmer’s market for oats to make breakfast heavier.  There are two chickens in the oven being broiled just so my body can consume enough food.  The metabolism spiked was missed this time around because the other spike has been overwhelming.

Let me just say it for what it is.  Pole has nothing on what walking has done.  The libido is through the roof.  Conversations are interrupted, and it is hard to work during the day.  It is an absolute pity that I am single.  My comfort zone is far behind me.  I am completely out of my normal character.  It is much easier to lounge around be fluffy.  Overall, my body is a new platform which is being rediscovered in the most natural way.  Why is all of this happening right now?

I have been walking three laps almost every day.  It is complemented with the random yoga session.  My health care providers have been encouraging more stretching.  Horseback riding has a certain weight limit which is within my grasp; however, a few pounds need to be shed.  My morning ritual during the week is to hit the park trail with my new Spotify playlist.  Thoughts about my coupled with life reflections unwind.  Strangers greet me with a hearty good morning as we are all a part of this walking community.  Personal trainers encourage their groups of women as the weights are pumped and the radio blasts.  The tennis courts are full and men flex their muscles on the strength structures.  We are all here for physical fitness mission.  The nature is a wonderful benefit.

What is next for me you ask?  There are other parks that should be graced with my presence.  National Walking Day greeted me in bed but World Health Day found me at a sound healing; a great wellness booster.  Yoga should become less random and more regular.   My water intake continues to increase as lemon and mint have been added.  I am taking care of myself.  It is a full time job that only I can do.  Walking will be scheduled for the remainder of the week as I consider a date.