My life is rooted in full time work as well as the freelance world. The combination of the two affords me a reality that is interesting and often filled with duality. I am an employee and my own boss at the same time. I am the woman that truly works seven days a week. While others are enjoying their time off, I am often engaged in some sort of event that helps to develop my brand. An interesting twist to this is that when I do attend networking events, I do so for the social aspect. However, when in full work mode, there is only one agenda: be the music.
Valentine’s Day found me decked out in a new red blouse so that my red dress would not make another appearance all over social media for the second consecutive year. My day began entertaining at the spa as people walked in for their pampering appointments. I was showered with giant smiles and cries of joy. Compliment after compliment put me in appreciation heaven. A two hour break soon found me in Subway. Food somehow gets lost in the mix on performance days. It was not long before my marathon began with the nursing homes. There were three that were on my agenda. Luckily for me, enough music had finally been scanned into my IPAD. Playing songs from a pre-selected folder was so easy and it made me feel so very organized. By the time my home saw me again, the only thing that could greet me was my bed. Happy Valentine’s Day…..

Lady of Harp
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