The nurse tended to me with such attention and care.  She paused when she sensed my nervousness and waited for the uncomfortable moment to pass.  The amount of questions that I had to answer was unreal.  All of the people in the hospital began milling around at 5:30am.  Security guards, nurses, doctors, and other pertinent individuals made their way to the designated spots.  My breathing became the sole focus of my entire existence.  My nerves transferred to nausea.  An alcoholic wipe helped keep everything at bay.

The entire team appeared in front of my bed with introductions.  Before I knew it, I was waking up to the sound of soft voices talking to me.  About ten minutes later, I realized that my brother was sitting at the foot of my bed working on his laptop.  A new nurse kept taking me to the bathroom to urinate.  It took a long time before it actually happened.  I was placed in a wheelchair and taken to my brother’s car.  I have been resting at home ever since.

Friends have been popping in and out of my home with well wishes and jello.  I have day sitters and short term caretakers.  While I have just undertaken a life changing experience, I must say that it has been quite pleasant.  It has taught me the importance of asking for help and then accepting it.