There I was happy as could be because I had purchased two bottles of wine for the gathering. White for me and red for my sister. Upon entering the apartment, I poured her a glass. She politely refused it. I quickly grimaced and retreated to the kitchen. A whole bottle of red wine. Sigh. I poured myself a glass of white and joined the fun. Soon it was time for all of us to engage in girl talk. My sister went first.

She announced that there was a baby in her belly. The other women immediately began hugging her. My shock turned into tears on the spot. I hugged her last and exclaimed, “what a lucky baby”. I have never worried about this baby once because he is in the capable hands of a woman with a very strong spiritual presence with the heart of a true gypsy. She knows herself and marks her territory. Her creativity and international pursuits have all been poured into this one little life that will blossom and grow into someone extradinary.

The funny part is that she had to spend a day or two comforting me. She was the pregnant one. She was the one facing the major life change. It was during this time that I realized how close we really were and that maybe, this event hit a little too close to home. We went and prayed at the beach, danced in the moonlight, and rejoiced in the fact that she was now bringing forth life into the universe. This is yet another example of how the divine feminine returns and manifests itself.