Thursday Thoughts of a Crystal

Appreciation goes a long way. It can inspire the most down trodden of souls to rise to new heights and experience new love. People react to such a change. Hugs increase. Polite requests appear. Memories are shared that you did not even know were present.
What you do is noticed. You are important. Your cup of tea may not be for the masses, but there is an audience. When you are enjoying yourself, people return that energy to you. This has been my experience over the last two weeks. From the surprise donation to the constant barrage of hugs that I am now receiving on a daily basis. There is an inner flame that hasn’t been present in such a long time.
My only hope is that all of you can follow the truest desires of your heart. For some that is finding the love of their lives while others probably need to escape to the French Riviera. Whatever it may be, go after it with all of the power that has been bestowed upon you. One Love.