The pastor said that women act more like men than men do. As I sat at my harp listening to this message being delivered in the middle of a wedding ceremony, my mind paused on this statement. Women can get artificially inseminated and do not need to get married; he spoke these words next. Truth.
If we take a closer look at the situation, perhaps there are circumstances beyond womens’ control that are causing these things to take place. Many women became strong and independence not because of their personality, upbringing, or by choice; they did so because it was a life requirement. If a worthy man is not in the picture, you have to handle everything by yourself. You can either cry about it, or put on a nice pair of shoes and take on the world.
As I listened to the news this morning, the story of a man that dropped a rather excessive amount of money in a strip club would report fraud to the credit card company the next morning. A football player lost his son by the hands of another man. How could I possibly forget about the man that impregnated enough women to be a public nuisance yet he felt the need to ask for a break from the court because, ” I can not afford all of these children.” Prince Charming is not in this deck. That does not mean that he does not exist but there are many a Cinderella in waiting that simply choose to take care of themselves.
Sometimes the desire to have a baby outweighs the desire to have a relationship with a man that would produce one. No, it is not natural. Neither is the food from McDonalds but people consume it every single day. Relationships are difficult to maintain. Motherhood alone brings its own special bag of challenges. It is an option that many choose to employ.
How does this affect me you may wonder. At this stage of the game, I would rather be alone than with someone that can not bring anything to the table. How do you plan to improve what I have already done for myself? Are you supportive, emotionally available? Do you expect me to drop my own life in honor of your presence? There are many things that my sisters deal with that I will not….but then again, a Lady always has options:)