My life is my glory. Feel the passion. Feel the pain. Every waking moment is an experience on the journey that is my path to walk. Sometimes it is in light, and other times it is in darkness. The difference between walking this journey now is that I own it. Before, it was clouded with the opinions of others and the expectations that were created for me and digested into a meal that upset my stomach. The only way to live with joy is to listen to the dictations of yourself. You are the one writing the story as it unfolds. Every day is a new adventure; each person a new chapter. There will be friends. There will be solitude. Sorrow and joy are two sides of the same joy. You will ultimately give birth in one way shape or form. Death is a promise, but it is not an ending. Once you have an understanding of yourself, embracing that comprehension will work wonders for you and the world around you. It worked wonders for me, and now I can celebrate that by helping others to do the same.