Before my car trouble last night, I saw a sight that has not been in my vision for a long time. I saw three ladies of the night. They were not dressed in a manner that would indicate that they were selling themselves for petty cash. As a matter of fact, I was alerted to their presence. I was wondering why one of them was walking down the street in the pouring rain in shorts at that length. They looked homeless and displaced. I couldn’t help but wonder how this became their occupation.

In the land of the free, equal opportunities are not always given to everyone. Without the proper support, it is possible for a person to make bad choices and wind up in undesirable situations. Any number of pathways could have led these women to cheap labor on the street.
My question is how could this have been prevented? How can this be prevented in the future?
Are we failing somewhere in our society where some women feel the need to sell their precious bodies for a nickel?

The sight of her there on the corner with those tatterred shorts was puzzling because of the torrential down pour. This was not the glamor of the Bunny Ranch. This was an average girl in her twenties that looked as if she could stand a good meal and a blanket. She was just there in that meloncholy scene of unending water awaiting a cash wielding patron. Where is her family? Isn’t there anyone that cares enough about her to say, “Sweetheart, there are other ways?”
I know that women have the right to choose what they will and will not do with their bodies contrary to the opinion of the Republican Party; however, were options in place for these marginalized individuals?

When my car broke down, I was able to call for help. I was able to pray for protection and patience as I awaited the tow truck. As friends realized what happened to me, concern began to stream in throughout the day. The vehicle is ready to be picked up. There hasn’t been any great disruption to my life. Was there anyone there for this girl to call? Where is her higher power to come to her rescue? What about the other two? Why was the one in the dress just standing there trying to primp her hair when she should have been asleep inside a warm home? I had a nice cup of hot tea with honey this morning for breakfast. Did these women have a body part shoved down their throats as their most important meal of the day?

Those were women that I saw last night, sisters. There are programs that target those that choose to help themselves and perhaps those programs need more marketing and additional funding and the list continues. There really isn’t much that I can do about that memory of her there on the corner in the rain except this….

Always extend the hand of friendship. We do not know the personal troubles that people face on a daily basis and your one hello or that friendly smile could be the one thing that keeps them from going off the deep end. If you pray, pray for those that did not have the support or the guidance to make better choices for themselves. If you have a problem, do not suffer in silence; seek help from an appropriate source. No woman is an island. Life can be very rough sometimes but there are ways, there are resources to help with whatever the problem is. There is at least one person that you know that cares more about you than you will ever know and would want to be there for you when your world is turned upside down. Be thankful for what you have and what you will have. These women are obviously operating on less than what most take for granted, such as proper clothing for the brutal elements.

There were three of them last night that came across my path. What about the others that I do not see? What is to become of them?