There are certain words in the English language that seem rather strange to me: gay, lesbian, homosexual. They do not tickle my fancy at all. I have yet to understand queer, heteroflexible, or dyke for that matter. All of this talk about gay rights and what is right vs. what is wrong is all very ridiculous to me. Perhaps I should explain myself further.
The word gay was not really used around me as a child. I heard the words punk & faggot without a clearly defined meaning; however, it was clear. There were certain men with “sugar in their tanks”. It was not until college when the word lesbian really came up in conversation and that happened thanks to Jerry Springer. There was not a day when a woman did not kiss another woman on stage as she left her boyfriend speechless. While viewing this, I felt as if people could love whomever they wanted as long as they were safe about how they loved each other. The world was a colorful place that required lots of color. My own relationship at the time was evident of this as I was involved with a latin man that was Jewish but chose instead to be atheist. I am known for keeping things interesting….
There have been many strides within the rainbow with regards to rights. It is legal in the United States of America to marry someone of the same gender as of last week. How many times have I been subjected to conversations about how we as Christians have to come together on the gay issue, no I do not think they should be allowed to get married, or there are two fathers raising that child. My opinion? Here it is.
I think that two consenting adults have the right to do whatever they want. If two human beings want to get married to each other out of love, isn’t that a union of beauty that deserves to be celebrated? For other people to have an opinion that is allowed to interfere on such a private matter seems rather invasive to me. People would kill themselves over the fact that they were not what was considered acceptable or put on appearances to please everyone around them except for themselves. Why did they feel the need to go to such extremes? Love does not recognize restrictions that people try to place on it.
Naturally, when the news broke that people that love other people of the same gender were allowed to marry, I wanted to purchase a rainbow scarf. My FB profile picture is in full rainbow effect. I think it is wonderful that an issue that should not have been an issue to begin with is finally coming around. Thank you God, Goddess, universe, guides, and anyone that I did not mention. Unfortunately, news of a disturbing situation reached me the other evening.