She was my favorite at the local wax salon.  I called one day and found out that she no longer worked there.  One text message later and she appeared on my doorstep ready to work.  She became mobile and was now working for herself.  I became used to having my monthly waxing done in my home by a professional.  2023 brought a huge life change for me when I quit my job of over 24years.  Another second on that campus would have killed me.  Direct deposit is a thing of the past.  Pay day can happen at anytime.  Things are hard.  Payment arrangements have been made with more than one organization, and I am wondering what to do next.

The texts continued to pour in about scheduling an appointment.  In a moment of transparency, I explained that I did not have any money for grooming.  She offered to take care of me without payment.  Full body waxing free of charge.  After she left my home, a surprising text message hit my phone.  “Send me whatever you have”.  My stomach turned.  A dismal Zelle was sent.  That money was for my gas.  What was I going to do now?

The worst part is that it happened again, but I did address it with direct questions.  The answers evaded the issue entirely and spoke to everything being fine.  I knew better.   After speaking with some friends about how I planned to severe ties, the words unstable and drug use were suggested.  A finely crafted note waited in the wings for the wax appointment text.  After a long month, it arrived.  The friendly, ” Hey hun how are you?” The usual sniff for let me come over to work.  I braced myself for what would be the final straw text.  Since direct communication wasn’t working, a page was taken from the nice on the surface with a sword beneath approach.

“Hey! There is a new spa that I want to try once I am back on my feet.  I will be getting services there moving forward.  No need to check in.  Thanks so much.”  The popular hands emoji was used.  Blessings of love and gratitude were sent to me.  It was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life.  One person commented that she seems oblivious to what has transpired.  Either way, this was the ultimate sabotage of a business relationship, and is no longer my issue.