Trying to decide on when to be celibate vs. when to be sexually expressive can be a rather daunting task. There are so many factors that come into play. How long has it been since your last expression? Have you known this person long enough? Should you keep this person at an arm’s length or sit in their lap? Have the two of you been tested? What do you really want from this relationship? What if you just want sex? An interview for self.

Every woman has faced these questions and more. Sexual frustration can cause a serious imbalance in the sacral chakra and thus, throw everyone else out of alignment. That powerful release has many benefits for overall health, mind, body, and soul. You can work off calories, release magical chemicals, experience that special senesation unlike any other, and lay in that afterglow. Are there negative side effects? Of course. Welcome to life.

Let me be aggressive with this sentiment: Your pussy can’t ride every dick. Not all dicks were meant for entrance into your sacred temple. Once your information is explored, there is the possibility of pregnancy, disease, unecessary clinging, and adicktion. What if you get pregnant from a one night stand? Do you know that the factors that you did not consider about your “date” could become important in your child’s life? Did you know about that pesky gout on his side or the fact that all of the men lose their hair at age 30? Would you still have played with him? Maybe not. hmmm.

If you foray into this play pen with this particular playmate, what is the desired outcome? Is this a friends with benefits with the hope that it blooms into something else or are you just making a mistake for the sake of getting a slice? What of your spiritual side as you delve into the bed of fun, where does that go? Does it take a turn for the worse because it is settling while your yoni explodes? Decisions. Tough ones.

Women have to accept that yes they have a sexual drive too. It is normal and can be quite overwhelming sometimes. It doesn’t make you cheap or loose. It does make you quite frisky. Some suggest toys. Others suggest chocolate. Everyone has her own way of dealing with those long bouts of unwanted celibacy. Why, it can boil down to a your head saying one thing while the pussy says another. You have to decide for yourself which one will win and if you can live with your decision.