Pluck. Shave. Design. Blood. Itchy. Wax. Tweeze. Every woman is familiar with these words in relation to her sacred yoni part. Each woman has a different approach to her secret place. Some have standing waxing appointments for the entire enchilada while others yet prefer the raging bush of the jungle. Its a matter of preference really. The mere mention of a beach outing or an intimate night can often send a woman into a trimming fit. What some find natural and appealing sends others into a tantrum. Where did all of this originate? It could be concluded that men’s fantasies have played a role into this scenario. Women often consult their significant others of their preference when it comes to this subject. I prefer to consult my own preferences when it comes to my body but to each her own. There is even speculation that some shave it into designs and add dye. While that is a bit much for my own personal taste, art is to be placed on a high level. Whatever the punany regimen of the female, the maintenance and upkeep of the almighty pussy is a full time job.