The snake is an important symbol for women. It is often used to represent the awakening of the Kundalini or a beginning. However, I am using this title in its more popular sentiment; one who is devious and intends harm upon you. That is the way that I felt.

It was still early in my career. One Sunday, I had accompanied a friend to church where a guest speaker was delivering the message; he was not a pastor. It was a good message. I did not think much of him beyond his raspy voice. However, when he called me on the phone to ask me out on a date, a game changer presented itself. I was single without a gentleman caller in sight. It could not hurt to meet him for a bowl of fruit which is what I ordered at Denny’s.

He was much older than I was. His grown children were about my age and had grown rather accustomed to their father’s preference in women. As the conversation began, it was mild enough. As it slowly progressed, it became apparent to me that he was choosing the type of condom that he wanted to use. He abruptly announced that the point of us meeting was to begin a relationship of trust and love. It would be between the two of us without our mutual friends interfering. Strike one. When I found myself in his cold embrace, I immediately blurted out that I was leaving. Not once did I indicate that I wanted his evil flesh on my person because I was cold. The only reason why I did not vacate the restaurant was that he caused a scene. What if he followed me to my car in the parking lot? When I was able to detangle myself from his claws, I called my friend and told her that I never wanted to see this epic failure again in my life.

Phone calls continued to flood my cell for a few more days until he received the message that I was not interested in his existence. I am under the impression that he expected me to fall for him instantly because he was older and had money. My poor young brain would surely tell my legs to part for him. He kept pressuring me during our unpleasant dinner to go elsewhere with him so that we could talk. After explaining to him that this scenario was not possible because it was already late, he retorted that he was getting up at 4am and would not ask me again. This may have been strike two for me.

It was not long after this outing that I was informed that he used to be a pastor but lost the title. He also had a hovering fiance of sorts. Why wasn’t any of this brought up during the dinner? After he quietly left town, he was never heard from again.