It was many years ago. Perhaps I was still in my twenties. My single status reigned supreme. An older gentleman had taken an interest after seeing me at church service where he was speaking. As a former pastor, he still toured the church circuit. I agreed to meet him for dinner after work late one evening. It was an experience that is a testament to intuition which is why I am choosing to share it.
Denny’s was the chosen destination in Bal Harbor. The hotel where he was staying was only moments away. Upon arriving, we picked a booth and settled in. As the conversation began, he quickly took charge of the flow and dove right in. He wanted to cut to the chase with, “….this will be a relationship between us”. I did not understand what that meant because I thought all relationships were between two people. He continued to insist that we go elsewhere and talk after dinner. It was already very late and I had work in the morning. He responded that he had to get up at 4:30am. Needless to say, any chance that he may have had to get to know me was dwindling by the second as I felt cold at the sight of him. He mannerisms were simply bitter and his ease at hugging me mid conversation caused me to announce that I was leaving. The only reason why I chose to stay was that I honestly believed that he would follow me to my car, and it was dark outside. It would be better for me to remain inside the restaurant where other people were around.
While driving home, I felt like this individual was selecting condoms right there at the table in front of me. Maybe he thought that I would simply throw myself at him because he had money, and I was young. He continued to call me for days at a time until he realized that his unanswered calls meant that he had failed miserably. The presence of this man began to threaten me was the evening wore on, and I knew that if I had any more dealings with him, my fate would be tragic. The cold feelings and lack of understanding of his requests were all signs that there was a discord that was pushing me away. It was not for me to fight but for me to listen. As I type this, I wish that I could teach young women to follow their intuition. In many cases, it is the only thing that will save them.