It was a Thursday night.  The lounge singer was performing in Overtown.  It was my chance to get out for a while and breathe.  I invited a colleague to meet me there.  It was outside behind the restaurant.  The boom of a band embraced my ears as I approached the back entrance.  Chicken & waffles were brought to my table.  She ordered a drink that matched her dress.  The singer went through pop tunes mixed with originals.  It was a night to have and to hold.

I looked up and recognized a well polished individual.  She was none other than the well put together femmes of all time.  I walked over in my bell bottoms and hugged her for a full minute.  Smiles on our faces.  We knew it was going to be a good time.  I strolled back to my table with joy in my heart.  The singer came over and greeted us.  Photos were taken.  Conversations were had.  A few hours later had us on the street en route to our homes.

Sheer joy remained in my heart for the next 24hours.  The fear of the pandemic was gone.  No more masks for me unless I have to go into a store.  COVID has been on my doorstep twice.  All of us thought that life would have gone back to our old normal by now.  Well, it hasn’t and the variants continue to wreck havoc upon our existence.  I am done with the fear.  I am done with the anxiety.  The loneliness has vanished since I ventured out.  Friday and Saturday night echoed the same sentiment with me being outside of my house with people having fun.

My Sunday evening has me crafting an in house happy hour.  There are some people that I would like to get to know better without the restraints of a restaurant.  I am looking forward to the future.