When the trip to the Keys presented itself, I was not terribly enthusiastic about it. I was not even sure I wanted to participate; however, I allowed myself to remain open to the idea. As the week progressed with new trials and tribulations, the trip seemed more and more appealing. Work started its usual soul chomping charade which plunged me into sleepless nights and severe bouts of frustration. By the time Valentine’s Day rolled around, my bags were packed, and I was ready to go.
As I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning, a loud persistent buzzing sound erupted from outside of my cottage. It became apparent that bees kept the guests company on the property and one had found the flowers next to my window. It was not an annoyance but a surprise. There were no alarms or cars speeding to work. A buzzing bee had been the sound that pulled me from my slumber. This was different to me.
While collecting myself, a gentle breeze rustled the leaves outside and the sunlight showed the beauty of my new surroundings. There were trees and bushes and even an outside shower. I was in a peaceful environment that comforted me. A local bakery served the most wonderful breakfast sandwich, and the largest pieces of Baklava that I have ever seen.
After praying at the river, I returned to the cottage only to discover that there were medicine cards. A table was instantly setup and cards were drawn. The deck was so interesting that a search for their purchase soon followed. While mentally checking in to the vibrations of the cottage, the presence of a friendly female spirit made herself known. She appeared with an angelic presence but was once a human. Her welcoming persona made me feel quite relaxed in the little home.
As the hours rolled by, the huge library attracted my attention with its books on Chinese medicine and shamans. The bees continued to buzz, and the gentle breeze always uplifted the trees. This little slice of relaxation has made for the perfect getaway and will serve me with pleasant memories as I return to figure out my next career move.