By this Mercury in Retrograde, I can say that my body is not the same entity that I knew last year this time. I was in the studio training up to 4 times a week and certainly eating better than I do now. These days, I refuse to leave my bed and feel so lazy. Napping has taken on a new meaning over the past week.
The body that was once firming and toning is now more round in nature. Do I feel like a failure you ask? No. It dawned on me that this is a transitional time of healing for me and being physical simply is not in the cards. Instead of working out, other things pop up to entertain me. Carribbean Scrub and Buff is the term. This was my evening appointment at a local spa in Miami Lakes where I made a first time appearance today. While listening to the music and enjoying the atmosphere, there are a few points that were noted. Allow me to review them.


1.) If I do not like the music, it becomes difficult to function. I am the girl in Starbucks that tells them that the music is horrible and it needs to be changed. Once, a coworker received five cds from me just so she wouldn’t play hers anymore. Last week, I informed my chiropractor’s secretary that I would await him outside because the music was absolutely horrible. He sent her to fetch me when he was ready to see me.

2.) It was last Fall when three gray hairs appeared in my mighty afro. Unaware of their presence, I pulled one thinking it was lint and found out otherwise. A trip to my boss’s office found me explaining why I thought that I had gray hairs at such a young age. She almost fell from her chair in laughter, and promptly welcomed me to the club.

3.) The eye doctor informed me on my third visit to him this year that my vision was getting worse. Did the update shock me? No. My parents wear glasses. It was only a matter of time. Besides, I am older. The temple wasn’t going to stay in place forever.

4.) When I go into restaurants, I inform the hostess that I need to be seated away from children. Last year, one walked directly into my posterior. Talk about putting your nose where the sun does not shine….

5.) My desire to do everything under the sun is mentally draining. The drive to work all weekend and wake up first thing on Monday morning to clock in yet again left me a while ago. If I work all weekend now, you can find me chilling on the beach with company.