It was a last minute improv request.  The poetess and I met just prior to the concert to vibe and exchange creative space.  It was a pleasant time.  As it ended, I announced that everything would be different for the performance.  She acknowledged a premonition about it. This statement brought me peace as we are on the same page.

Our time to stand in the spotlight arrived.  A quiet hush fell all over the sanctuary.  Her words began, and my arpeggios took flight.  Notes that I have never used manifested themselves as she delved between grace and salvation.  The warmth of her presence overtook the stage as her pause elongated itself.  As my fingers continued on their unknown destination, I looked over my harp to see her shrouded in a quiet prayer.  Somehow, it was just the two of us on stage as if the audience was not even present.  The conversation with God was a joint effort on behalf of air and water respectively.  The amen came and the applause erupted.  She immediately embraced me, and I knew that a moment in time had just transpired.