There were personal reasons for me not to attend this event. It is not in my nature to be remotely curious about anything political and social reform is not something that tickles my fancy. My world is filled with spirit and the arts; reality is a bit cold and harsh for a mellow water sign such as myself. However, the idea of such a force being in my backyard was too much for me to avoid. I wanted to attend with an open mind and learn something about the causes which have consumed this woman’s life. Her documentary was so good that I watched it twice.
Dr. Angela Davis mentioned many noteworthy points. She said the system can’t be fixed and needs to be abolished entirely. That is how I feel about education, but isn’t education a part of the system? Many teachers are fed up with notion of being involved in a career where they have no say yet sweat and bleed in the trenches.
The notion of community was broached. Social Media has its strong grip on the current generation but people are not aware of the struggles that the person next door is facing. How can we truly expect to take our agenda to international levels when we are lacking a proper foundation? We are dividid and united at the same time. As a personal reflection, I want to travel to distant lands but have yet to attend a Home Owner’s Meeting….
The fervor of the room was simply amazing. Many people were lost in nostalgia. It was a new energy for me. The fist pumping and various shouts. It was simply a sight to behold and a passion inciting sensation. The revolution lives.