After leaving the new bridal boutique, it was time to make my way home. Somehow, I ended up on the Turnpike North instead of South. This did not please me one bit. I was already a good distance from my home and now I was going to be taken even further out of my way. Upon exiting, a traffic light caught me at the intersection. My eyes fell upon a funeral home that I had never heard of before. My new discovery was about to be explored.
Upon entering, the chatter of people came from a back function area. A repast was taking place and none of the associates or directors were visibly available to speak with me. However, there was a display case with the business cards for everyone. I sat down and reviewed all of them. On the way out, I marveled out how I had been carefully guided to this unknown area to find a funeral home that could potentially benefit from my services.
Experiences such as this further make me question those that lack faith. What do you do? How do you function on a day to day basis? Life is enriched with a spiritual connection. An understanding of something more can serve you in good times and in bad. This funeral home will no doubt have my brochures shortly. What shall come of this? Who is to say. I just know that this is yet another example of how guides have provided me with assistance. A humble thankfulness washes over me.