The last time that I visited an ENT was years ago. When the time came for me to visit one again, I needed one close to my home. After selecting one from my insurance site, an appointment was made with the one that was first available within the practice. While having my pressure taken in the patient room, I heard this loud booming male voice banging the walls next door. I asked if that was the doctor talking in the next room; it was. When he came in, his handsome face took me by surprise. He had a very big strong voice. He asked me if I thought my hearing was good. I responded that it was quite good, and that I was complaining about his voice prior to his entrance. A lovely smile crossed his beautiful face with the words, “I have been told that before”.
The conclusion of the visit was that professional ear buds will be made for me. A return visit is required for my fitting. I do not know how this makes me feel. What I do know is that everyone should visit an ENT at some point or another, if only for the sight to behold factor.