Be the first to say I love you.  Be the first to be open about your feelings.  Be the one that reaches in the dark and feels the light.  Have the courage to stand on your own two feet and understand what it means to be you in your own skin.  You do not need the permission of anyone to follow your heart and profess your truths.

We know when something in our life is not right.  The issues run the gamut from health to finances.  It is often easier to sink or wallow instead of making that change that we know is a requirement.  Sometimes, even the people around us will coddle us out of their own fear of you being uplifted and leaving them behind.  We may even allow statements of fear to enter our minds because it easier to accept no matter how much the inner voice rejects it.

Change is not always easy.  As spiritual beings in a human life, we will face change daily on many levels.  It is inevitable to keep us in tune with the ebb and flow of life.

Possible Suggestions

Try to stay grounded.  Circumstances beyond our control may test this frequently, but there are ways to achieve this goal.

Create a Support Group

Family- The first support group, your unit of origin.

Friends- People that will tell you to your face that those jeans are too tight.  Include people that have similar goals as yours or who are where you would like to be.  Their example can provide you with inspiration.

Groups- Church, sorority, meet up, whatever works for you.

Health-  Physical exercise and healthy eating can go a long way in helping you to maintain a clear mind.  Clarity of thought blocks out harsh influences an amplifies your intuitive voice; that little sound in your head that guides you.


This is often difficult for many of us.  We do not want to seem heartless or without compassion.  The truth of the matter is that the word no is to protect both love and compassion.  If you do everything for everyone else, what is left for yourself to enjoy or to continue to help those that truly need it?

Women are quite guilty of giving too much of themselves and then have nothing left.  We are the natural receivers so this balance must be kept in check in order for us to function.  When we know how to say no for our own sanity, our throat chakras can remain unblocked and there is energy left to expend on us.  Try not to overburden yourself with responsibilities that do not serve your greater good or that lead you astray from your goals. You must love yourself first before you are able to love the world.

There are predators that will appear as overly needy “friends” that always need one more favor which will deter you from your workout.  Such people function at a low vibration and require the energy of others to feel better.  The problem is that instead of fixing the causes behind the low vibration, the predator feeds off other unknowing lights; you are left needing a nap or unable to function as normal.  Because you think that you are being a good person and helping her, you fail to realize that your own needs are being put to the side and you are simply assisting an energetic void; this is not helping either one of you.  Each individual is responsible for her own energy.  You can be nice without being a doormat.



I am going to use the body image for this one since there is so much material to support it.  Maybe you have a regular workout session that isn’t getting you where you want to be.  Have a discussion with you teacher (Pilates/Yoga/Zumba etc.) about your concerns.  Chances are very high that the teacher already knows what your problem areas are and will explode with suggestions.  If you are financially able, consider private sessions.  This gives the teacher the chance to address your concerns in a very focused manner and to provide you with a large amount of feedback.  The information can then be applied to your general sessions and help you improve.  The positive side affect is that you will own a new sense of power.

Courage can be different from yielding a sword and shield.  It can just be the manner in which you handle your life.  Once you understand what works for you, it will be easy not to compromise that for others.  It may mean that some people will not be a part of your equation anymore.  In this journey called life, your overall happiness is paramount which requires constant growth and attention.  ENJOY!