It was a nice leisurely brunch with a lovely friend. We ended up sitting outside because I was cold; again. It was not long before an SUV horn sounded for a rather lengthy moment before another vehicle crunched as it backed into it. It was a slow awful crunch that caught the attention of many a spectator. An arrogant man erupted from the four door Sedan. He assessed the damage that he caused to his car and promptly blamed the woman in the SUV. He continued to pace the street with an angry step. He tried to convince the woman to just let the accident go unreported. My friend watched the entire scene and approached her to be a witness to the fact that the man was guilty as hell. As I chewed on my tasteless Tilapia, the abusive actions of the man towards the lone woman were unsettling for me.
This man was guilty. The police officer told him that prior to issuing the ticket. Instead of making the process as smooth as possible, he tried to dismiss the ownership of his poor judgement and blamed the woman. I felt as if the scene would have played out differently had a man been in her company. In the middle of my meal, I approached her. I told her that I saw how he treated her and quite frankly, it was unwarranted. He did so because he was guilty as charged. He soon came to our table and acted happy that he was charged as if we were going to celebrate it. Instead he received a dumbfounded look of annoyance. This man was a mere child to me. One that lacked proper home training.
The woman came to our table after the entire ordeal and thanked us for our help. She calmly went about her way as we dug into some churros. She doesn’t know that my heart had palpitations when I heard that crunch. She doesn’t know that I went to her side because someone came to mine when I was in the middle of my accident. My friend was happy that I wanted to sit outside because that is why we were able to be of service. The morning subsided with the loud chirping of birds and a quick trip to the local food store.