I do not listen to harp music. This probably surprises many people but it isn’t something that I gravitate towards. I would much rather listen to cello or R&B music. However, the timbre of the Celtic harp is one that has always entranced me. Its history within Ireland runs deep. Listening to it is so very soothing. I have often wondered if I would purchase one. After I met a Celtic harpist today at the local Renaissance Faire, I know that I will.
Her small stage was set against the lake at sunset. She was dressed in attire of yesteryear and the sounds of her instrument were absolutely beautiful. It was a subtle statement of healing. It was a joy to watch and listen at the same time. I introduced myself and was given the opportunity to play the magical instrument. It was not long before I purchased a cd and left my business card.
As my soy candles burn, the cd is playing in the background. Its a nice quiet Saturday evening. Perhaps this music captures the joy of my day and heals the trials of the week. It will no doubt serve me well in the near future as my weary body drags me back to work.