It was a delicious meal. Broiled salmon, potatoes, garlic, olives, and broccoli rounded out a wonderful dinner. I was so very proud of myself for creating something so yummy. That was my Friday night. Saturday morning found me in between two destinations with a quick stop at my home. Why would I stop at my home if I have somewhere to be? There are some things that you would rather take care of in the privacy of your own abode.
It was a sheer delight for me to make a pit stop. Off I went into the world to continue with my schedule. Upon my return, there I was again attending to myself. You must be wondering what was happening, and why I required so much attention from myself. Thoughts of the blackened broccoli simmering in the olive oil and then being inhaled came to mind. Such a green veggie causes extreme ease within the digestion system which is normally my Achilles tendon.
By the time I was choosing an outfit for my evening out, I required some more time to myself. After leaving the house, burping soon followed. Enough burping to interrupt my conversation. Fortunately, I was in the company of a vegan. My voice inquired about the benefits of garlic. We soon got into the benefits of broccoli. I explained the situation. She elaborated on the subject. It was a rather healthy conversation.
Would you believe that while we were watching the dance performance, we were given green popcorn?