This was the most interesting circle to date due to the random events that in truth were actually connected. As the sisters gathered in the circle, a random man presented himself while speaking in a foreign language. He insisted on lighting our candles for us. He burned himself. He went so far as to light a candle in his shirt despite our pleas not to burn his face off. This process continued throughout the evening. Once the candles lit up the night sky, the fun began.

Little girls began to invade us. One little girl felt the need to run over at least twice to say hello. She would always pause before leaving again. Another little girl was hooping with her family right next to our circle. She came to inquire about our candles. I answered her as I found her curiosity to be quite timely. Even a mother that seemed to be nursing her baby was drawn to our circle and spent some time in admiration.

The four of us were quite taken by the awesome sight of the Blue Moon. It was full and had a pleasing aura. Under this potent sight, we bonded with long stories of life. We were together in those moments which now live in our hearts. All of us commented on how connected we felt being together in the circle sharing our feelings and our lives. The sounds of the not so distant drums kept us entranced while the flames flickered. There was one woman that danced with wreckless abandon and complete joy. Had it not been for the time at hand, I gladly would have joined her as her hips defined the beat of the drum and the foreign words that accompanied it. She felt the energy of the celestial body and gladly translated that emotion through motion.

This was a very special night indeed. I am happy to say that I was able to share information that I penned regarding astrology as oppossed to my normal research quotes. It was more authentic for me and gave me a great sense of joy to uplift my sisters as they received the blessing of the ocean and the beauty of being sisters. We were proud happy women tonight. I look forward to being in that space again.