It had been on my mind for a while now. My hands were grabbing a lot of hair when they graced my head. Combing was once again becoming difficult, and the desire to groom myself was growing. I marched into the barbershop and asked for the spirited Nikko. My instructions were simple; I do not want to have to comb or brush anything, but I do not want to be bald. Ten minutes later, the reflection of myself in the mirror did not please me. The exchange of energy in the form of cash occurred, and my car carried me back to my home. It happened there.
My mirror gave me a good long look at me. My bald head was very naked. It suddenly pleased me. The idea that there wasn’t anything for me to hide behind was invigorating. My make up and smile would only enhance the lack of anything on top of my head. It consumed the entire mirror, and soon appeared on social media. It was a good feeling.