As I was preparing for work yesterday morning, I looked outside and saw a beautiful sight. A Mockingbird landed on my car roof and began to hop around while drinking droplets of water. I stood there mesmorized and thought that this bird found a way to refresh himself. He did not complain about the lack in his life. He did not fret about what little water he had available to him. He just seemed to happily hop about; quenching his thirst.

I ventured into Publix in order to purchase an economical lunch. An older man was in front of the store singing in a foreign language while playing the guitar. I do not know what he was singing about but there was such joy in his voice. The sentiment touched me and I tipped him out of appreciation. He was graciously sharing his talent with all of us. Then again, I am partial to musicians…..

This fine November morning will find me outside of my normal routine. It is close to 7am, and my breakfast is already being prepared. I am about an hour ahead of schedule. Every day that I am able to wake up in my right mind is a blessing from above. There are people up north that are dealing with the effects of a Frankenstorm. Here I am with the luxury to type before sunrise. It is healthy to count one’s blessings and appreciate what is given because it can be taken all too easily.