Recovering from teacher burn out is a process.  I have been out of the classroom for over a month now.  Life is calmer.  I am not always rushing or avoiding people.  There is more time in my schedule to breathe and have feelings.  It is a relief to be able to use the restroom whenever I want.  These are healing layers that are being revealed more and more each day.  The end of the year was very fuzzy to me around January.  It was because I knew that I could not last.  I had already disconnected and had to face the fear of confronting an irregular pay for a happier life.

The adjustment has not always been smooth.  My isolation is of a great concern to me.  I face most days alone.  There is always a text message to answer or a friendly phone call to break the monotony.  However, that is just a small step in the face of me, myself, and I 24/7.  I try to keep mixers on my calendar along with weekly lunches and coffee with a friend/associate.  There have also been sacrifices.

Because I no longer receive a regular paycheck, the nail salon has gone the way of the world.  My hair must be maintained and waxing has slowed.  Eating out is reserved for the weekends, and most mornings find me making my own coffee.  Financial literacy truly does lay the foundation for self employment.  I have to know where I stand as far as my cash flow at all times because I never know when another payday will happen.  It is both a blessing and a curse.

Teaching kept me locked in a secure paycheck every two weeks. Cars were paid off and bills were current.  When you get to the point that you are having physical reactions to being in your classroom, you have reached the point of no return and dive head first into freelancing.  At least I had the option and did not start from scratch.  I always had an LLC as a side hustle to my teaching career.  My music has provided the soundtrack for some of the most important days in the lives of people.  Since 1995, I have performed at weddings and other special events.  It has changed my life and now it is saving it.