Apr 28

Being Unhappy

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How many times have you heard a friend, sister, aunt, or even yourself…complain about how unhappy she is in her relationship. These are some common phrases: I want a divorce; I have invested the best years of my life to this relationship with nothing to show for it; Who would […]

Apr 12

The Calm is the Storm

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At any given time during the day, there are a million personalities, interruptions, and annoyances that I have to field. It is a grueling task. With so many people to deal with hour after hour, I am often drained prior to the end of the workday. It causes me to […]

Apr 11

My Streamline

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There I sat on my mat. My breath and my mind connected to my body. The ancient bridge appeared, and my whole being crossed over into being complete. Tears flowed as the gentle healing began to envelope me. As I stood to greet the sun, my salutation commanded several movements […]

Apr 8

The Yoga Lass: An Island of Discovery

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It is almost 2am, and it is not possible for me to relax. My body is aware that some movement took place this evening. Tuesday evenings have found me in the presence of a yoga teacher for the last couple of weeks. I have been so very proud of myself […]