Mar 24


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The last time that I visited an ENT was years ago. When the time came for me to visit one again, I needed one close to my home. After selecting one from my insurance site, an appointment was made with the one that was first available within the practice. While […]

Apr 17


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A rebellious girl with a stash of bring red curly hair plays the lead role. It reminded me of the Tudors with its Celtic setting. The music and legends simply delighted me as the plot engaged me. She refused to marry simply because she was told to do so and […]

Nov 1


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Voting is very important to me. I do not care for politics and do not watch debates. However, I vote simply because of history. I am a black woman. History told me twice that I could not vote. This is why I take great pride in exercising this right today. […]

Oct 18


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Dreamwork can be very exciting a provide you with messages that you need to hear. What happens when you dream of others? Well, you are suddenly put in the position of to share or not to share. I have learned the hard way that most of the time, you should […]