There are journals from college that have references to the beach. There was a desire to spend more time there. Its funny that many of us complain about the traffic or time it takes to get there; including myself. However, there are people that travel from all over the world to enjoy its beauty. This summer has found me visiting the beach more often in spite of myself. Vacation time can make a girl quite lazy.
I went to the beach twice this week. One evening found me driving there to simply enjoy the mere sight of it all. The sensation of the wind against my skin was exhilarating. There were not a lot of people, and the heat was not present. It was relaxing and beautiful. The moon was at its halfway mark as the sun fell. While staring at a cloud, a plane flew into the middle of it. Lights started flashing. When it happened again with the sound of rolling thunder, I quickly found myself en route to my car. It was a moment in nature with amazing results.

Insomnia: SIGH

It has been another week from hell. My insomnia raged out of control which made for very long nights. The events of the days piled high on my head only to settle before my eyes as the bed dismissed me. This weekend was supposed to be my first trip of the year. It was canceled. I had a performance prior to leaving which was also canceled. My phone rings with business propositions that all hang in the balance. People check on me throughout the day but as night falls, I realize why many enter into marriage. I question my life, and the way that it is handled. How exactly did I get here?
As this first cycle of the New Year progresses, the days have been challenging but not impossible. Surely with a good night of slumber, I will be able to greet Friday and my time alone at the spa. Perhaps I shall lock my phone away in my car. The Dominican Republic becomes more of a necessity as thoughts of Spring bubble.


The Sunday before Christmas, my body lay in bed as if it were laying in state. A horrible strand of the flu consumed my entire existence for approximately six days. Congestion still reigns supreme, and I am subject to horrible coughing attacks. However, it is nice to be functioning again instead of sweating and freezing in my bed at the same time. Showers took on a new refreshing meaning and food simply vanished from my mind. Unfortunately, because of this, my MRI had to be postponed. Again.
My poor mother felt as if I sounded completely miserable. She made her way from Perrine all the way to my house. When she appeared on my doorstep, she announced that she come to cook chicken soup. I do not like chicken soup but it tasted so very delicious. It was nice to see my mother in my home after five years. She walked around chopping this and commenting on that. She gave me a very nice throw which was immediately wrapped around my person for warmth and comfort. Her company in my humble abode was a pleasant surprise.
In the middle of all of this, the busy performance season carried on. From my sick bed, furious texting ensued as the webmaster, planners, and brides all made their way to my business line. Confirmations had to be made with musicians and checks had to be written. Because bed was my new full time hobby, my back started giving me trouble. A massage had to be scheduled. It was not relaxing though the discomfort is gone. As the fever released its grips, a mirror revealed to me the shell that had been left. The weight loss that my mother had mentioned was rather evident, and my face required professional attention. A quick trip to the local brow boutique reassured me that I could wear MAC again without concern.
As my body is now able to sit upright, my eyes see that the MRI is tomorrow. Hopefully, by then I can walk again without limping. A huge chair fell on my leg early this morning. A trip to the PCP has crossed my mind. I understand that Cranberry Juice and body oil will be delivered later today. It is just as well. The Orange Juice is running low, and I have yet to have breakfast. Hunger doesn’t really look for me anymore.
A thought arose from all of this. My body did all of that work and then got sick during the winter break. I still had to work in spite of it all. This called for some necessary changes in 2015. My passport is in the process of being renewed because Lady will travel next year. Instead of staying behind and working for Spring Break, I am grabbing some other friends and leaving the country. Someone else will have to be the Easter entertainment next year. I will be wearing a bikini and sipping on something of an adult nature in a foreign country.

Naples: The Easter Weekend Vacation

When the opportunity to visit Naples appeared, I decided to take it. It is a nice place not terribly far from Miami, and there would be a chance for me to finally see the beach on this west side of the State. It was also a chance for me to rediscover the hidden world of the harp since my harp technician resides in this very town.
After settling in for a bit, I drove twenty minutes to his place. There were a million harps on display. We talked about my first lesson back in high school and marveled at my progress. I mentioned my decision to freelance full time for about a year, and it was met with enthusiasm and nice suggestions. As I departed, plans were made to return next month so that my other harps could also have a turn with some tender loving care.
As I walked into the guest house, the smell of grilled meat took over my nostrils. There was grilled chicken and hamburger. In an effort to have a balanced meal, I added some salad and dug into the animal feast. It was quite the delight followed by Gelato with chocolate syrup. The evening settled into night and met me with quite a relaxing slumber.
My current schedule requires that I am awake by 6:45am during the week. A Saturday allows me to sleep in which is something that I took full advantage of this morning. My body was quite refreshed from a proper rest. I was soon scooped up for a nice lunch complete with wine and coffee. After a dip in the small pool, I was introduced to the local version of Fresh Market. The shopping was lovely.
The beach came out of the middle of nowhere. I have never seen such foam from the sea before. Several pictures were captured due to my fascination with this salty phenomena. The salt easily crumbled in my toes, and the gigantic waves left me in awe. It was a beautiful sight to behold.
The evening is settling now with a game of tennis unfolding before me. Because I am performing tomorrow, I opted to observe instead of play. However, that shall change next week. It has been a wonderful get away for me. It has taught me that whenever it is possible for me to get away to a nice relaxing spot, it is a sign that I should go.

Remember your Resources

Frantic. Aggravated. Amazed. Traffic. Combat. Wine. Dark bitter chocolate. Coffee. Sleep.
These are the words that come to mind when I think about this day that I have had. I normally do not say much to the powers that be about the aggravations that I must endure under their leadership. However, it gets to a point where a Lady can only take so much before she has to put down her heel. The day has been filled with emails of misguided situations and poor judgement calls which have now landed in my lap without any resoruces or preparation. I am not blocking my throat chakra over this as I just recently got over almost being sick. It isn’t even October yet.

My coffee intake has resurfaced, and it tastes wonderful. I do not plan to stay in this caffeine phase for long, but while I am here, I shall enjoy it. It gives me the sustaining feeling of heat that I want. It is stronger than the tea, and the taste of the French Vanilla Cream is outstanding. Then the chocolate chip cookies manifested from thin air. Who knew.

I was able to make it to my workout which had its own side issues and balls being thrown. However, in spite of the pain in my neck and the fact that the traffic was awful, I had so much fun and felt my worries fade away if only for an hour. Now that I am back on the home front, the sink has been cleared and a short meditation has eased some of the clutter in my mind. It dawned on me that perhaps I had forgotten my resources as the day slowly built its chaos on me. It was when a wise woman reminded me that the beach exists for a reason. You would think that I would remember as I was just there on Sunday. Here it is…..

1.) I asked Archangel Raphael to ease the pain at the base of my neck. I am seeing the chiropractor three times this week, and it is still out of whack. The green light did engulf me, and tension was lessened.

2.) I once went on a text strike. It amazed people everywhere. I am addicted to my IPHONE in an unrelenting way. Its time to strike again if only for a day from all social networking.

3.) It seems as if everyone around me is traveling for pleasure. While I haven’t considered this as something to do this year, perhaps I need to change my mind.

4.) A musician friend alerted me to his performance on Saturday night. This would be the perfect opportunity for me to relax and engage myself on a creative level without being the source of it. It is important to be on both sides of the process…..and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

5.) When was the last time I simply soaked in a tub with bubbles and candle light? This is one of my favorite things to do and it has escaped me. Well, it is returning shortly.

6.) Holding a teddy bear can imitate pet therapy: it likes to be cuddled:)

7.) Workout and get that energy level to the proper place while easily letting go of the stress that is destroying the happy feelings that you naturally have.

I have also begun to go to bed thirty minutes earlier and have increased my water intake. I do plan to return to the beach shortly and next week Monday is completely blank as far as my schedule. Instead of filling it with things that must be done, I shall leave it blank and allow the universe to decide for me. After all, I treasure structure so that I can change it to my liking. Oh how the summer time schedule is missed. There was time, relaxation, and clarity of thought. Now, I have to fight for what is rightfully mine: sanity. Fret not. This is a challenge that I will win.