Valentine’s Day

My life is rooted in full time work as well as the freelance world. The combination of the two affords me a reality that is interesting and often filled with duality. I am an employee and my own boss at the same time. I am the woman that truly works seven days a week. While others are enjoying their time off, I am often engaged in some sort of event that helps to develop my brand. An interesting twist to this is that when I do attend networking events, I do so for the social aspect. However, when in full work mode, there is only one agenda: be the music.
Valentine’s Day found me decked out in a new red blouse so that my red dress would not make another appearance all over social media for the second consecutive year. My day began entertaining at the spa as people walked in for their pampering appointments. I was showered with giant smiles and cries of joy. Compliment after compliment put me in appreciation heaven. A two hour break soon found me in Subway. Food somehow gets lost in the mix on performance days. It was not long before my marathon began with the nursing homes. There were three that were on my agenda. Luckily for me, enough music had finally been scanned into my IPAD. Playing songs from a pre-selected folder was so easy and it made me feel so very organized. By the time my home saw me again, the only thing that could greet me was my bed. Happy Valentine’s Day…..

Lady of Harp
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The Cold Moon

I felt as if December was going to be an extremely busy month. All Circle activities were placed on hiatus so that I could focus solely on performances and other personal endeavors; that is code for a personal life. It has been a long time since the happy holiday month has been so wild with performances much to my delight. However, as the full moon approaches, there are some other effects that are taking place.
After a day of rehearsals and holiday parties, I settled in for a nice slumber. Unfortunately, it did not include sugar plum fairies. I was awake for so long that I decided to clean my house. There was a post on Facebook that spoke directly to me: “We have to accept that that sleeping patterns change during the full moon….”. All I could do was sigh. When it was time for me to resettle, strange dreams took over my mind. As the Heart Chakra song awakened me to a rather bitter dawn, it was evident that I needed a day off from work. Again. A full one this time. There was no need for me to subject myself to the bombarding noises of phone calls, talking, clicking, and bells. Instead I opted for breakfast at the Latin Cafeteria down the street. Afterwards, I prepared a nice spa bath for myself and it was absolutely lovely. A short nap took me into the afternoon. As the evening slowly approaches, I am beginning to turn my attention to performance matters yet again…and cramps. Where is the Alleve….and the Black Forest Cake…..

Tired Tuesday

My morning began on a fine note. I received an email of appreciation at work. It was such a pleasant surprise that I began crying. The person wanted me to know that I was making a difference in a life and that it mattered to her. I had no idea. It gave me inspiration to strive for excellence throughout my busy day.

As I left one work location, I reported to my performance venue. The studio where I workout happened to be on the way to the venue but alas, I could only look at it with great longing. Unfortunately, no one knew that I was coming which made for pleasant faces that displayed happy confusion. Once I was shown to the correct building, I performed for two hours with a ten minute stretch break. By the time I arrived home, my body was finished. Bedtime was 8pm last night. Unfortunately, I awoke hours before dawn and was unable to return to sleep. The imperfections, exhaustion, and pain within my body had taken its toll. I decided to take a hot bath with some of my favorite crystals.

It was a lovely experience. My mind went to places of relaxation as the incense vanished into the air and the aroma filled the room. The candle flickered back and forth. My mind wandered to the preparations for the circle and upcoming worshop. A smile crossed my face as I thought of my passion. I also decided that my childrens’ meditation group was going to have an intense session this morning.

My breakfast is being prepared as I type this. My attire shall be casual as I do not expect a hectic day. This is good because I need the downtime considering my tiredness. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I look forward to the time off. I rejoice in knowing that I get to spend time with my sisters on Friday. Oh the fun we shall have.

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