The Continuing Journey

A few weeks ago, I attended a class on pendulums. There is one on an altar somewhere, but it is never used because I always found it confusing. My decision to attend was at the last minute and received with a lot of enthusiasm. It made me social and I learned something. There was also an individual that took another look at me which caused quite a stir amongst my friends for the remainder of the weekend.
With my feet back into the educational swing, my attention turned to the Brian Weiss workshop. It had been on my calendar since the Fall, but I hesitated to register in case a performance arose. The current prices were astronomical, and I booked a client for a reading instead. Needless to say, the universe had other plans for me. As I dined on my Whole Foods dinner on Saturday night, a call came in regarding the workshop. A free ticket was being given to me. The erasure marks were still in my schedule. It was then that I realized that there had to be reason why I needed to be present. My schedule was immediately adjusted to accommodate this amazing opportunity.
While I have conducted past life regressions, Brian Weiss is not someone that I have ever read about or looked into on a serious note. This was going to be my immersion into his findings. The exercises and meditations made me rather sleepy. A signed book and new Steven Halpern cd accompanied me home to a nice night of slumber. So, I know that you are wondering why I was there.
It is still a bit of a mystery to me. There wasn’t anything terribly new to my ears although it was a relaxing time. My answer may come to me a bit later. Well, there is one thing. During one of the meditations, I saw myself wearing a flower halo in a lovely white dress with my hands in a prayer pose. There was also the sight of my harp logo. Perhaps there is an immediate find after all.


As my performance came to an end, I thought about how I was going to ask my mother to find a nice black scarf for my collection so that I could wear it while I am working. It was also a pressing need to contact the bank about the fraud text that was sent to my phone. Upon approaching my car, there were pieces of shattered glass everywhere. My car had been broken into and the beautiful bag that had been mine for less than a month was gone with all of my identification and cards inside. My brand new drivers’ license with a fabulous picture….gone.

Panic did not overcome me. I calmly dialed 911 and asked for assistance. While a police officer attended to my predicament, I was able to cancel all of my cards and the fraudulent activity had already been detected; some cards were blocked before I called. I was able to hand over locations of purchases to the police officer; phone apps rock! I found myself smiling at people and thanking them profusely during my unpleasant moment. No tears. I felt joy.

The problem of getting cash for gas was now an immediate concern as the light was about to flash. My emergency contact was out of reach. I decided to drive to my family home which was about thirty minutes away. Do you know that my gas light never came on? The rain also stopped. As I explained what happened to my father and brother, action immediately began. My brother made arrangements for the window to be fixed. He took the car himself to a gas station and filled it up. He gave me cash and asked if it was enough to tide me over until my new cards arrived. He handled the entire thing. It was clear to me that this situation may have happened to show me that there is a man in my life that is there for me besides my father; my brother. He went so far as to tell me how to conduct myself until the window could be repaired. A heartfelt thanks does not begin to express my sentiment about what he did for me this evening.

My bowl of oxtails sits beside my computer as I type away my thoughts this evening. My spirituality kept me in one pleasant piece this evening. There was no shock. No panic. No tears to signal the arrival of a nervous breakdown. There was clarity, smooth thinking, and thoughts of an immediate plan of action. My home has a garage where the car will stay until it is fixed. Its the rainy season but there is nothing for me to do tomorrow. My schedule book and ITOUCH were not in the bag much to my delight. The bag probably can’t be replaced but, I found a black scarf in my mother’s room which resembles exactly what I was going to ask her to find for me. Isn’t that amazing? Look at all of the wonderful things that went right for me. I am happy that I am in a place where I am able to appreciate the good things and understand why feeling this way is important. Why should my Saturday night be ruined when my evening wasn’t the best?
If you will pardon me now, there is a wine cooler with my name on it and maybe, a slice of cake as well.


As I settled into my repertoire, I felt his eyes upon me. His entire demeanor had changed. The conversations around him stopped as he faded into another world with me at its center. He turned himself for a better view and his ears began to take in the soothing sounds of the music. It was not long before he told me how much he appreciated my performance. A smile crossed my face as I said thank you as I am so used to being ignored. He returend to his seat and slowly eased back into the conversations that he had left long ago. It was then that I decided that I would not only captivate him. I was going to take the entire room into another world.

I closed my music books and turned off the stand lights. My fingers found the strings and slowly I began to play. One by one the heads turned. The low hum of talking ceased. My improvisations seemed to have taken over every person in the room. Where they went, I do not know because music can cast such a personal spell that your heart is free to roam wherever it wants. What I do know is that there was an attraction last night. There was an attraction between a man and the music. As the night came to a close, that smile crossed my face again knowing that my job was complete.

It has been my good fortune in life to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful women on the planet; they are called my sisters. It is often that I will find myself situated at a table awaiting one for tea. As she walks in, the heads begin to turn. Faces light up. For some strange reason the waiter becomes extremely attentive. What has brought about this turn of events? Well, everyone loves a beautiful smiling girl that is obviously confident about herself.
Something about it simply calls to people and they want a slice of that pretty picture for themselves. Its almost as if her mere presence uplifts them into another sphere where they are free to smile and be happy with themselves. Perhaps she gave them permission. It is always a thrill to observe.

There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with things and people that will raise your vibration. If someone has already figured it out and is walking the way of their path with light, it would do you some good to take notes. I have sought out teachers that have that certain element that calls to me. There within lays a connection. Some of those teachers have become friends and extremely strong allies whom support me to the highest extent. Because of their efforts, I am a better person with a grander scope. There are experiences that are available to enhance oneself in the most beautiful places around the world. You have only to open your eyes and pick which one you would like to have.

The attraction takes a bit of self love as well. Whatever you are attracted to you rings that bell because it is something that you want to have flourishing from your own garden. If you are able to cultivate it as your own, then naturally you begin to love yourself just a little bit more. This then makes you radiate a special glow that everyone can see; others yet will feel it and then want to be connected to you. Its a beautiful circle of flowing positive energy that you can use to your advantage.

Jealousy. Envy. Self-hate. These feelings have never made sense to me. If someone has something that I like, I ask the person how did she get it. If you are envious of someone else, that means that you have failed to count your own blessings. We do not know about the inner turmoil that each person has. What did that person go through to get to that success? There is always something that would surprise us. Self-hate is simply dangerous. This hole leaves you living in a dark void filled with negativity. It can make you tired and quite lonely. Who can see you if you do not like yourself? That is why it is always important to work on your insecurities. It could be as simple as talking to a friend or as complex as therapy depending on where you are. Crystal work and prayer are two things that can work in combination with whatever you are already using if you want to incorporate such things.

There is nothing like being in the presence of an expert to work on that part of the equation that makes you feel like hiding. Being able to voice it aloud and get excellent support is truly a wonderful feeling.

Yes, I have them all the time. I have been asked to create a workshop that focuses on practical everyday ways of empowering oneself. I have created a list and continue to do my research and reflections. My hope is to offer it during the early summer as the schedule for the first couple of months has already been posted. One of my objectives next year is to share how spirituality must be woven into every aspect of life for that ultimate in support. It is yours to use. Why not put it to work for you:) The beautiful part about it is that no two people use it the same way. It is unique and executed according to the needs of the individual. Which reminds me….there is a reading to be done. XXOO