The Sacral Chakra: The Seat of Creativity

My Sacral Chakra is my dominant energy center. Naturally, it gives me the most issues while dictating the ebb and flow of my life. A spiritual dress was created to bathe it in orange so that it can bask in its natural hue. As I think of it this evening, creativity and abundance come to mind.
Allow yourself to communicate through some form of creative expression or cultivate an important hobby. It does not matter if you share it with others or attain a professional level. It needs to meet your personal needs. Perhaps you enjoyed drawing as a child but life took you in other directions. You could pick it up again in your adulthood. Take a drawing class or buy a sketch book and draw in your garden.
Many people shy away from journaling because they feel as if writing is simply not for them. In the privacy of your own written space, how & what you are sacred matters. There is not going to be an exam or someone shoving an opinion down your throat. It can truly help with dream tracking and showing you your personal life cycles.
It is no surprise that this lower chakra is associated with fertility. Women create life and nurture it as mothers. However, one can be pregnant with things other than children. A constant flow of words may overflow from one person while another can be a source of impromptu ideas that never fail. Once you are able to pinpoint your fertile moments you can also maximize upon this power. You may discover that with deep breathing, you are able to energize this chakra as well as the others which then allows you to smile more often.
You can see the work of this chakra if you observe a connected couple at dinner. They may seem completely oblivious to the world around them because they are simply taken by the sight of each other. The interactions with other people are gentle and without effort. The sense of touch is heightened which is evident in the fact that their hands have never parted. This is the orange energy center at work.
When you sit outside in nature, you may be aware of the wind in your hair. The warmth of the sun may be comforting to you as well. If you taste a delicious pear, you will no doubt enjoy the soft compression of the fruit. The sweet juices will refresh you as you savor the moment. When we get caught up in the frantic mania of life, the little things that make it wonderful are often overlooked. That is when it is important for us to stop. Remember that a breath can change everything. A moment of silence can honor a broken system and return us to the necessary steps of healing. Write an entry in that journal about everything or nothing at all. Take the sewing class. Register for that graduate womens’ studies class. Whatever it is, allow your Sacral Chakra to take its rightful place as your seat of creativity.

The Power of a Woman: GLOW

Some women have the ability to simply look at a man and make him drop to his knees. Others yet have no problems becoming the dead center of attention in any room. I am fortunate to call some of these women my sisters.

This is a simple equation of confidence and the ability to maximize on the lessons of the Sacral Chakra. This is the foundation of the sensuality and sexuality that a woman brings to the table. A woman that is able to properly harness her natural magnetism can capture the attention of the masses. It is a power that baffles many and intrigues the rest. It intrigues me.
There are some that will flirt shamelessly simply because they know the man is attracted to them and is ready to blush himself senseless.

I find it rather astonishing that some of the most beautiful women in the world walk around not knowing how truly stunning they are. A lot of them are in relationships and never hear from their significant others, “Sweetheart, you are absolutely gorgeous..”. How is this possible?
If a woman is made in the likeness of the goddess, how is it possible that she is not being told by those around her that she is a star to behold? A lot of it has to do with the fact that confidence can not be taught. It can be instilled, but it has to be cultivated by the individual.

Many of my sisters get caught up in body image which then causes insecurity issues. Then when the so called pencil thin model walks by, the insecurity turns to catty jealousy. These things are simply unecessary. Society does not help with the endless press coverage of one body type coupled with a slew of violent reality tv shows (which feature women behaving poorly).

I have always been comfortable with my body; however, when I had my major weight loss, I became a different person. I started wearing make up. My diet became very important because of my workout schedule. New clothes were not purchased because I was having so much fun fitting into the old ones and creating new outfits out of them. Why I even scheduled a photo shoot in revealing clothing because my new body brought me a new level of liberation. Its flattering to know that you can walk your dog down the street and traffic stops because of you. (I blushed..twice). Since maintaining it, I now wear a bikini to the beach and am looking into new clothes to maximize my full appeal(Jophiel Moment in progress). The process changed me for the better, and it made for a rather exciting journey.

Perhaps because of this journey with my body, I feel a high level of empathy when I realize that someone isn’t as comfortable with their body as they can be. Suggestions from my self-truths….

1.) There are some women that have studied fitness and how to make it work for you to a science.
Pole fitness can give you the ultimate workout while showing you that even the quietest girl in the room can command the floor with her sex appeal.

2.) Confidence can not be taught. It is something that you have to acquire for yourself. Pinpoint your issues and work on them. It is not a trend but a true relationship that requires dedication from you.

3.) All of us know at least one person that can stop the room with her arrival because she is just that gorgeous. Ask her how she does it. You would be surprised at how eager such beings of beauty are to share. Most of them do not even know because it is natural.

4.) Become comfortable with yourself. You may have to spend some time alone in order to do this, but it is well worth the effort.

5.) When you wake up, go to the mirror and look at yourself without any clothing. Spend time admiring the craftmanship that god created. Tell yourself how beautiful you are and allow it to resonate within you for the remainder of the day. You can use it as a happy place reference as you go about your daily routine.

6.) Spend time on yourself. Hair, make up, nails…find out what you like and create your happy medium. You do not have to be a full blown fashionista or drop hundreds of dollars to make yourself attractive to yourself.

7.) Try tasting the honey with your eyes closed and imagine how you can interpret that experience.

Your inner glow is directly linked to your outer glow. You want to take care of it and allow it to shine. You want to connect to the sensuality of your Sacral Chakra and allow it to flow through you like sweet honey. Naturally, you will want to call upon a lover to share in this sexy tango. All parts of you deserve to be balanced so that you can operate at the highest levels of joy:)

THE VAGINA: The Misunderstanding

The portal of life. The entrance into the universe. The vagina has been misunderstood from the beginning. It has been locked away in chastity belts and chastised for its natural behavior. The covered part has been teased for its appearance and misued for dominance. Perhaps these things have happened because it is heavily viewed as the target and property of men.

The vagina is a part of a woman’s body. It is an important part of her body. It facilitates the menstral cycle(separate post), allows life to enter, assists in the relieving of waste amongst other things. It can be the source of great pleasure, and the source of great pain(in truth, the latter may be about the uterus). Let us take a deeper look at the poor, misunderstood vagina.

How did the word vagina come about? Furthermore, how did all of these other names for vagina come about? Pussy, whoo ha, vjj, information, Netherlands, punany, vagi, girl, present, yoni,. We have various comfort levels with each nickname. I personally do not love the word vagina and coined information instead. Vagina seems so medical to me for something that I have to deal with every single day of my life. Moving on.

When did it become appropriate for our information to be splashed all over television? From what I remember of television, music videos do not differ that much from pornography. It seems to be an invisible line. Obviously, there is a demographic for such material or else it wouldn’t be in business. Why is the information referred to so harshly by demeaning its owner? A hoe is a tool used for gardening. Let me go with that for a minute. A hoe is a tool that is used by different farmers. Should the farmers also receive names for using the hoe in the garden? Does the farmer use gloves when dealing with the hoe in the garden? If the gardners then have other seeds, is he considered a responsible gardner? Why does the emphasis fall on the hoe? Enter a girl unsure about her body into this scenario.

Your mother(hopefully) explains the things that you need to know about your body to you so that you can refrain from sex until you are married and not give birth outside of wedlock lest you be struck by some unknown electric force from the sky. Stories of sexual escapades may even reach your tender ears as you wonder about that virginal night of sweet bliss that in truth may hurt and not even last that long. What is wrong with this picture? Well, did you ever look at it in the mirror to see the differnt parts? A real one looks different from that medical sketch in textbooks. It has more hair too. Before I forget, the clitoris needs to be discussed.

The clitoris has not been mentioned. The sexual arousal differences between men and women have not been mentioned. SELF PLEASURE HAS NOT BEEN MENTIONED. There are women on this earth that do not experience orgasms. That is a crime against nature. You can bring forth life into the world but you do not enjoy your own body? How many of us were led to believe that our sexual pleasure depends on the whims of a man? We are sexual creatures without any one else in the room. Garden.
This should be celebrated. A woman has choices with this. Many, many choices.

A woman should be able to enjoy the sight of herself in the mirror and the thrust of her own hips as she rocks them back and forth. How else is the sacral chakra expected to be freed from its chains of bondage? Enjoy the sensation of playing with your own hair. Wear silk and taste honey. Throw on a nice black dress and strut around in heels(don’t tell my podiatrist that I said that). Wear that gorgeous feather boa that your girlfriend gave you but you are too shy to try on even in private. Take a nice hot bath by candle light and enjoy all of the wonderful sensations of being a woman. In other words, connect with and honor that which belongs to you; all of you.

I now wonder why I even named this the vagina. Wait, I know why. Your entire body is used to support it. Perhaps this part of our body is misunderstood because of the wrong emphasis that is placed on it. Instead of looking at it as something that can please a man, look at it as something that belongs to you. What do you want to do with it? Nothing? Something? Everything? You have options. A healthy one can work wonders for you. Gripping super powers come to mind. You can even decorate it if you like. If we are to understand our own vaginas, we have to understand everything that goes into it existing. It isn’t just that thing that is splashed all over the television for men to enjoy. It is much more than a comfort zone for a penis. It is something sacred that belongs to us.