Exhaustion: Coming From the Brink

The better part of Friday saw me in bed. The wedding took a little longer than expected and there was the pick up of Icy Hot & Tylenol PM. Unfortunately, I only managed to put on half a patch and before falling asleep. Because the Tylenol PM never made it into my system, Saturday greeted me with pain and sheer exhaustion. I only left the house for Oxtails in gravy. However, the night had me determined to get back on my feet. Icy Hot patches were cut in two and placed on Sciatic pain spots. Two pills were eagerly swallowed as I envisioned myself in a deep slumber. Sleep cello music was set on the ITOUCH. When I woke up, I knew that I could rejoin the land of the living.
Things will be done differently this week. Volunteering in spite of my happiness is leaving. Extra appointments have been canceled. Down time and rest time will both be written in pen. Yoga has been reintroduced to my routine and more water will be added. My diet must also be reanalyzed because it is not helping matters. Stress and sugar do not mix.


The flood gates are about to open. People will run the streets in a shopping cult running from store to store bursting credit card limits the world over. A sentimental feeling will begin to overcome people and the large shall become larger. This is a good time to book extra classes at your local gym. Take a walk when you wake up after you stretch and stay hydrated.

Couples will get closer. Some will conceive a child. Single people may meet someone under that famed mistletoe. Mind the egg nog while Santa Baby is on the airwaves. Things have been known to mysteriously happen. If they do, please remember to have a Santa hat handy so as to avoid extra unwanted presents that can not be returned to the sender or store.

There will be the What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas Crew. You will not recognize them at a party or even in public because that is the easy part. It is behind closed doors that a deep unknown abyss opens during this time of year for many a lone soul. I plead with you to include anyone that you feel is without people in your celebrations during this time of year. A simple smile does so much for people that are sad and lonely.

Everyone knows the ever popular matriach. She cooks. She cleans. She raises the kids and the grandkids. Waits hand and foot on her husband and does not mind yet another ten people showing up for dinner unannounced….that is what she will say to you through the most pleasant of smiles. She needs a break. She needs to go to the spa and not talk to anyone for about a day. You may call this person a friend. If so, kidnap her and take her to the beach. Deposit her cell phone in the sand and allow her to play in the waves so that she can refresh herself. Make sure that you take a dip too. Women must remember to enjoy themselves during this season as well and avoid stressing themselves out while others are having a good time.

The Full Moon is right around the corner with the end of Mercury in Retrograde. The Winter Solstice is also upon us. There is much work to be done on my behalf. There is much to be executed during the month of December not to mention….I am still looking for a hot number for the Holiday Circle next month. There are angels to connect with, readings to do, and meditation to calm. Maintaining balance is important and a full time dedication. I am happy to wish all of you a very pleasant SEASONS’ GREETINGS.

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