There are journals from college that have references to the beach. There was a desire to spend more time there. Its funny that many of us complain about the traffic or time it takes to get there; including myself. However, there are people that travel from all over the world to enjoy its beauty. This summer has found me visiting the beach more often in spite of myself. Vacation time can make a girl quite lazy.
I went to the beach twice this week. One evening found me driving there to simply enjoy the mere sight of it all. The sensation of the wind against my skin was exhilarating. There were not a lot of people, and the heat was not present. It was relaxing and beautiful. The moon was at its halfway mark as the sun fell. While staring at a cloud, a plane flew into the middle of it. Lights started flashing. When it happened again with the sound of rolling thunder, I quickly found myself en route to my car. It was a moment in nature with amazing results.

Reiki: The Practicioner

As soon as she lay on the bed, she fell asleep. It was as if her body had been waiting for this one moment for a very long time; an opportunity to relax and let all cares fade away into the distance. The process was more natural for me than what I had anticipated. Such a session allows me to follow my intuition completely. While working on my client, my crown chakra suddenly became rather engaged. Fortunately for me, such an action was anticipated, and I simply slipped my scarf over my head. I soon realized that while I had been focused on the effects that would be experienced by the other party, there were also beneficial effects for me.
It was a challenge to remember all of the information that was received during the session until the end. The points that I broached were confirmed and developed into a comforting discussion. Relaxation and solitude were a requirement for this individual. I am excited to see where this new journey takes me.

Naples: The Easter Weekend Vacation

When the opportunity to visit Naples appeared, I decided to take it. It is a nice place not terribly far from Miami, and there would be a chance for me to finally see the beach on this west side of the State. It was also a chance for me to rediscover the hidden world of the harp since my harp technician resides in this very town.
After settling in for a bit, I drove twenty minutes to his place. There were a million harps on display. We talked about my first lesson back in high school and marveled at my progress. I mentioned my decision to freelance full time for about a year, and it was met with enthusiasm and nice suggestions. As I departed, plans were made to return next month so that my other harps could also have a turn with some tender loving care.
As I walked into the guest house, the smell of grilled meat took over my nostrils. There was grilled chicken and hamburger. In an effort to have a balanced meal, I added some salad and dug into the animal feast. It was quite the delight followed by Gelato with chocolate syrup. The evening settled into night and met me with quite a relaxing slumber.
My current schedule requires that I am awake by 6:45am during the week. A Saturday allows me to sleep in which is something that I took full advantage of this morning. My body was quite refreshed from a proper rest. I was soon scooped up for a nice lunch complete with wine and coffee. After a dip in the small pool, I was introduced to the local version of Fresh Market. The shopping was lovely.
The beach came out of the middle of nowhere. I have never seen such foam from the sea before. Several pictures were captured due to my fascination with this salty phenomena. The salt easily crumbled in my toes, and the gigantic waves left me in awe. It was a beautiful sight to behold.
The evening is settling now with a game of tennis unfolding before me. Because I am performing tomorrow, I opted to observe instead of play. However, that shall change next week. It has been a wonderful get away for me. It has taught me that whenever it is possible for me to get away to a nice relaxing spot, it is a sign that I should go.

The Retreat from Life

When the trip to the Keys presented itself, I was not terribly enthusiastic about it. I was not even sure I wanted to participate; however, I allowed myself to remain open to the idea. As the week progressed with new trials and tribulations, the trip seemed more and more appealing. Work started its usual soul chomping charade which plunged me into sleepless nights and severe bouts of frustration. By the time Valentine’s Day rolled around, my bags were packed, and I was ready to go.
As I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning, a loud persistent buzzing sound erupted from outside of my cottage. It became apparent that bees kept the guests company on the property and one had found the flowers next to my window. It was not an annoyance but a surprise. There were no alarms or cars speeding to work. A buzzing bee had been the sound that pulled me from my slumber. This was different to me.
While collecting myself, a gentle breeze rustled the leaves outside and the sunlight showed the beauty of my new surroundings. There were trees and bushes and even an outside shower. I was in a peaceful environment that comforted me. A local bakery served the most wonderful breakfast sandwich, and the largest pieces of Baklava that I have ever seen.
After praying at the river, I returned to the cottage only to discover that there were medicine cards. A table was instantly setup and cards were drawn. The deck was so interesting that a search for their purchase soon followed. While mentally checking in to the vibrations of the cottage, the presence of a friendly female spirit made herself known. She appeared with an angelic presence but was once a human. Her welcoming persona made me feel quite relaxed in the little home.
As the hours rolled by, the huge library attracted my attention with its books on Chinese medicine and shamans. The bees continued to buzz, and the gentle breeze always uplifted the trees. This little slice of relaxation has made for the perfect getaway and will serve me with pleasant memories as I return to figure out my next career move.

The Cold Moon

I felt as if December was going to be an extremely busy month. All Circle activities were placed on hiatus so that I could focus solely on performances and other personal endeavors; that is code for a personal life. It has been a long time since the happy holiday month has been so wild with performances much to my delight. However, as the full moon approaches, there are some other effects that are taking place.
After a day of rehearsals and holiday parties, I settled in for a nice slumber. Unfortunately, it did not include sugar plum fairies. I was awake for so long that I decided to clean my house. There was a post on Facebook that spoke directly to me: “We have to accept that that sleeping patterns change during the full moon….”. All I could do was sigh. When it was time for me to resettle, strange dreams took over my mind. As the Heart Chakra song awakened me to a rather bitter dawn, it was evident that I needed a day off from work. Again. A full one this time. There was no need for me to subject myself to the bombarding noises of phone calls, talking, clicking, and bells. Instead I opted for breakfast at the Latin Cafeteria down the street. Afterwards, I prepared a nice spa bath for myself and it was absolutely lovely. A short nap took me into the afternoon. As the evening slowly approaches, I am beginning to turn my attention to performance matters yet again…and cramps. Where is the Alleve….and the Black Forest Cake…..


By this Mercury in Retrograde, I can say that my body is not the same entity that I knew last year this time. I was in the studio training up to 4 times a week and certainly eating better than I do now. These days, I refuse to leave my bed and feel so lazy. Napping has taken on a new meaning over the past week.
The body that was once firming and toning is now more round in nature. Do I feel like a failure you ask? No. It dawned on me that this is a transitional time of healing for me and being physical simply is not in the cards. Instead of working out, other things pop up to entertain me. Carribbean Scrub and Buff is the term. This was my evening appointment at a local spa in Miami Lakes where I made a first time appearance today. While listening to the music and enjoying the atmosphere, there are a few points that were noted. Allow me to review them.


1.) If I do not like the music, it becomes difficult to function. I am the girl in Starbucks that tells them that the music is horrible and it needs to be changed. Once, a coworker received five cds from me just so she wouldn’t play hers anymore. Last week, I informed my chiropractor’s secretary that I would await him outside because the music was absolutely horrible. He sent her to fetch me when he was ready to see me.

2.) It was last Fall when three gray hairs appeared in my mighty afro. Unaware of their presence, I pulled one thinking it was lint and found out otherwise. A trip to my boss’s office found me explaining why I thought that I had gray hairs at such a young age. She almost fell from her chair in laughter, and promptly welcomed me to the club.

3.) The eye doctor informed me on my third visit to him this year that my vision was getting worse. Did the update shock me? No. My parents wear glasses. It was only a matter of time. Besides, I am older. The temple wasn’t going to stay in place forever.

4.) When I go into restaurants, I inform the hostess that I need to be seated away from children. Last year, one walked directly into my posterior. Talk about putting your nose where the sun does not shine….

5.) My desire to do everything under the sun is mentally draining. The drive to work all weekend and wake up first thing on Monday morning to clock in yet again left me a while ago. If I work all weekend now, you can find me chilling on the beach with company.


The flood gates are about to open. People will run the streets in a shopping cult running from store to store bursting credit card limits the world over. A sentimental feeling will begin to overcome people and the large shall become larger. This is a good time to book extra classes at your local gym. Take a walk when you wake up after you stretch and stay hydrated.

Couples will get closer. Some will conceive a child. Single people may meet someone under that famed mistletoe. Mind the egg nog while Santa Baby is on the airwaves. Things have been known to mysteriously happen. If they do, please remember to have a Santa hat handy so as to avoid extra unwanted presents that can not be returned to the sender or store.

There will be the What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas Crew. You will not recognize them at a party or even in public because that is the easy part. It is behind closed doors that a deep unknown abyss opens during this time of year for many a lone soul. I plead with you to include anyone that you feel is without people in your celebrations during this time of year. A simple smile does so much for people that are sad and lonely.

Everyone knows the ever popular matriach. She cooks. She cleans. She raises the kids and the grandkids. Waits hand and foot on her husband and does not mind yet another ten people showing up for dinner unannounced….that is what she will say to you through the most pleasant of smiles. She needs a break. She needs to go to the spa and not talk to anyone for about a day. You may call this person a friend. If so, kidnap her and take her to the beach. Deposit her cell phone in the sand and allow her to play in the waves so that she can refresh herself. Make sure that you take a dip too. Women must remember to enjoy themselves during this season as well and avoid stressing themselves out while others are having a good time.

The Full Moon is right around the corner with the end of Mercury in Retrograde. The Winter Solstice is also upon us. There is much work to be done on my behalf. There is much to be executed during the month of December not to mention….I am still looking for a hot number for the Holiday Circle next month. There are angels to connect with, readings to do, and meditation to calm. Maintaining balance is important and a full time dedication. I am happy to wish all of you a very pleasant SEASONS’ GREETINGS.

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A Friday Reflection

It started to rain as I lazed around. It was very dark, and I felt the need for light. Naturally, I lit a candle from my vast collection. My mind began to wander to the happenings of the week which led me to my computer.

There are many people that have unrealized potential in life. They fall short of reaching that level of outstanding or amazing simply because of fear. Fear is not a feeling that belongs in your heart. It does not serve an individual nor will it assist in understanding a higher purpose. The knowledge of what needs to be done or accepted may be present but because of fear, the person is gripped in the throes of anxious pain. Many women could be flourishing in a life filled with joy but instead, they choose to cling to that which is mundane. Our thoughts affect our decisions. Our decisions shape our life. There it is. A lifetime of decisive thought.

There is not a single situation that is given to us that we can not overcome through some way shape or form. There are resources that accompany us in the form of angels, spirit guides, totems, ascended masters, saints, gods, goddesses, and the list continues. There are people in our lives that often have an untapped wealth of knowledge to share. We have only to ask for a glass to drink from the fountain. Moments of silence are often overlooked and underappreciated as we hurry through text messages and on to the next slice of pizza. Take that moment of silence and reflect upon your thoughts, your days, your feelings. If you have a meditation practice, execute it so that you may reap the benefits. Exercises such as yoga and pilates can assist in the balancing of your mind and your physical prowess. Research your resources and embrace what works for you.

It is important as women to accept our natural gifts: healing, mediumship, empaths, etc. All women have that inner guidance that is often ignored. (we must stop this from happening to our children….) It is silenced by our minds and slayed by the demands of the world. Look in the mirror and accept yourself. If your heart truly wants to soar, why would you choose to stay on the ground and pretend to be happy with dirt? This causes suffering in silence and blocked chakras. Ultimately, the person is unhappy and simply goes through the motions of life. It is one thing to exist and quite a different thing entirely to live. Accept your self truths and use them to walk your path with clarity. Once you are able to see clearly, fog does not come as often.

We have to experience things in order to learn and grow. Some lessons are more painful than others. However, let us not forget the joyous ones that we like to use as a happy reference. There are ways of dealing with situations and there are ways of thinking that can put us in the places where we need to be in order to attain that desired level of peace. Surround yourself with positive people and positive things in order to keep your thoughts free of negativity. Suggestions you ask?

1.) A plant can help you stay connected to nature while you are inside. It can assist with your energy level and you may find relaxation while taking care of it. It also draws fairies closer to you which will bring you more light.

2.) A healthy diet can keep you more in tune with yourself and with the natural rhythm of the earth. You will be in a better place to connect with the universe and hear all of the loving thoughts that are being given to you.

3.) A plate of crystals in a place of clashing energies can help lighten the heavniness.

4.) Certain places are dark and will drain you of your energy for one reason or another. If you have an uneasy feeling about a building or house, remove yourself from the area at once. You want to avoid absorbing the negative energy. Cleanse yourself at once so that you are not keeping the toxins.

5.) The ever popular energy vampire can appear in the form of a friend or a relative. You will recognize this individual because you go out of your way to avoid this person because you always feel tired after having a conversation. Such conversations can cause your ear chakras to collapse as well as other issues that will rise to the surface in the form of fatigue and or physical ailments. You would not sit in a chair with a push pin because it would hurt your posterior. Well, if you continue to entertain the energy vampire, understand that it is the same push pin.

6.) If you have a house of worship(temple, church, mosque, river, etc.), attend regularly so that you can receive the upliftment.

Much of what I write stems from the fact that I grew tired of seeing beautiful women that simply accepted mediocrity as a way of life. They never saw that they were holding the keys to an unlocked cage door. A woman brings forth life into the universe and nurtures it. Her love can change entire societies. Her knowledge heals wounds and broken hearts. The deep slope of her curve can stop entire intersections, and her smile can ligten the darkest of situations. My sisters deserve to break free from the societal expectations and live a life of their own. It goes back to that little inner voice that has so much to drown it out. Connect with it and follow its advice. The world would benefit from more of us connecting to that inner wisdom because there would be happier people.

Its a Friday evening. Enjoy a moment of solitude. Play some soft relaxation music. Invite that friend over for a nice deep conversation. Grab your significant other and do not let go until late in the afternoon tomorrow. Dance with your own shadow. Live your life. Make it a happy one.