Oct 31

I am not a Doo Whop Girl

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For a good portion of my life, I was a wallflower.  Difficult conversations were avoided, and I wanted everyone to be happy above all else.  My needs and wants were always at the bottom of the list.  Somewhere along the way, things changed.  I began to learn about the word [...]

Nov 2


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It was an opportunity for me to spread the circle to another location. I was ecstatic about this new place for me to gather women. Unfortunately, as I spoke to the secondary business owner, it was clear that she had already decided that my mission was not aligned with her […]

May 17


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The Scandal hysteria has been all over Facebook for a while now. Television doesn’t exist in my living space; however, in an effort to better understand the world around me and perhaps find some inspiration for my current lack of direction, I decided to watch a few episodes on the […]